Pao Character Descriptions

Kerry Young
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This character is involved in organized crime and his life is followed from childhood to late middle age.


This character fought in China and brings his friend's family to Jamaica where he cares for the family after his friend's death.

Hampton, Finlay

These characters are best friends of the main character in the novel.

Gloria, Esther

A beautiful black woman who is a prostitute and the her daughter.


This character is the daughter of a wealthy Chinese businessman and his black wife.

Mui, Karl

These children are taken by their mother from Jamaica to be raised in England.

Henry and Cicely Wong

This mixed race (Chinese and black) couple are concerned in their own way with status.

Daphne and Kenneth Wong

These characters are brother and sister who are the youngest siblings in their family.

Ma, Xiuquan

These characters are mother and son.

Father Kealey

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