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Kerry Young
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Part 1, Chapters 1 and 2

• As the novel opens, it is 1945, and Pao is visited by a beautiful woman named Gloria who wants him to visit her sister who was assaulted by a white sailor.

• Even though the sisters are prostitutes, Pao visits Marcia anyway.

• After a conversation with Hampton, the sailor that beat Marcia ends up in the hospital.

• Pao begins protecting Gloria's business.
• Pao becomes interested in Gloria and eventually they sleep together.

• Zhang, Pao's mentor tells Pao that he must get involved with a better type of woman than Gloria.

• Zhang arranges for Pao to attend a garden party where Pao sees a beautiful young woman named Fay Wong.

• Pao arranges to have her father's wallet stolen.

• Then Pao goes and returns the wallet.

• This leads to many afternoon teas with Fay's mother, Cecily.

• Eventually Pao asks Cecily if he can marry Fay.

• Though the two really...

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