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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Guderian feel about the coup plotters of July 20th?

2. Where were soldiers sent after being tried at the Court of Honor?

3. About how many German soldiers were lost when Army Group Center was encircled on the Eastern front?

4. Guderian explained to Hitler that Army Group Vistula suffered what setback during their final attack?

5. Which of the following best describes the relationship that existed between the German General Staff and the Weimar Republic?

Short Essay Questions

1. What defensive mistakes did Hitler constantly make during the allied advances in Europe?

2. Summarize Guderian's opinion of Hitler's overall strategic mistakes.

3. What personal danger did Guderian face in Chapter 12?

4. What problem limited production in Germany in 1943?

5. What factors caused the German General Staff to adopt strategies for motorized and tank warfare?

6. What was the result of the July 20th plot?

7. What problems did the German General Staff face in the inter-war period?

8. Why was Guderian relieved from his command after the failed attack on the fortress?

9. What defensive mistake did Rommel make in dealing with the allied landings at Normandy?

10. What war did the tradition of the German General Staff date back to?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Guderian's publication, "Tank Attack by Movement" was intended for military theorists and described the ways he believed armor should be used in warfare. His ideas were developed in an atmosphere that increasingly stressed the importance of armor, but Guderian codified the principles of armored tactics for the first time, and identified the major advantages of the tank as a war-fighting machine.

1) Explain what "Tank Attack by Movement" was, why Guderian wrote it, and who his intended audience was.

2) Discuss how Guderian believed tanks should be employed in warfare.

3) Summarize what Guderian believed to be the major advantages of tanks over other available forces.

4) Describe some of the differences between Guderian's approach to armored warfare and the classic approach used in WWI and endorsed by other military leaders of the time.

Essay Topic 2

The unification, or Anschluss with Austria, was one of Hitler's first major moves on the world diplomatic stage. The annexation set the tone for Hitler's aggressive political and military campaigns intended to unite all German-speaking people and create a new German empire.

1) Explain the relationship between Austria and Germany and discuss why Austria was willing to participate in the unification.

2) Discuss the course of the actual march on Austria, including Guderian involvement in it. Describe how the Germans were met in Austria and how the Germans reacted to this.

3) Summarize the advantages Germany gained as a result of the Anschluss, both material and diplomatic.

Essay Topic 3

Coming from an unimportant family and rising out of the junior officer corps, Guderian did not have a long-standing relationship with Hitler. However, Guderian's natural talents eventually caused him to be drawn into the Fuhrer's inner circle. Guderian developed strong feelings about Hitler as a leader and his influence on the war and the German people.

1) Trace the course of Guderian and Hitler's relationship through the end of the war. Describe how Guderian was first introduced to this leader and how he gained Hitler's confidence.

2) Explain in detail the major conflicts that occurred between these individuals.

3) Discuss what Guderian believed to be Hitler's most important strengths and weaknesses.

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