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Short Answer Questions

1. What river was Brest-Litovsk located on?

2. On September 12th, Polish forces near what location surrendered in large numbers?

3. How did the first waves of the 10th Panzer Division cross the Meuse River?

4. The Shlieffen Plan proposed an advance that was strongest where?

5. By December of 1941, what hazard killed more German soldiers than enemy action?

Short Essay Questions

1. What major attack did Hitler order for Army Group Vistula during the events of Chapter 12?

2. What was the impact of the T34 tank on the German military?

3. Why was Guderian interrogated?

4. As of March 1942, how was Germany governed?

5. What was Guderian's mission in the invasion of Poland.

6. What argument did Guderian have with the German high command about how to prevent the Russians from forming a defensive line?

7. What war did the tradition of the German General Staff date back to?

8. What difficulties did Guderian face in the march on Austria?

9. What post did Hitler want to promote Guderian to; why was Guderian hesitant, and what was the outcome of the offer?

10. Why was Hitler affected by his visit to Linz?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The allied landing at Normandy was the largest amphibious invasion in history. The allies took great care to conceal the final location of their attack and to prepare the French coastline for their invasion. For their part, the Germans made many mistakes in assessing the allied invasion and suffered serious setbacks when the allies achieved air superiority.

1) Describe the German plan for the defense of occupied France. Who was in charge of this defense? Was this general well-suited for his task? What special preparations did he make?

2) Explain how allied air superiority affected the German plans for defense of the coastline.

3) Discuss the German response to the invasion. What mistakes were made in this response? Why did Rommel believe the real attack would come elsewhere? Why were German armored units unable to respond and attack the allied beachhead?

Essay Topic 2

Just before launching his attack against Poland, Hitler signed a non-aggression pact with Russia that, in theory, guaranteed peace between these nations for the immediate future. This agreement allowed Hitler to safely and quickly invade Poland with little concern for a Russian attack on his rapidly-advancing and disorganized troops.

1) Explain why Hitler sought and signed the non-aggression pact with Russia. What major strategic advantages did this pact provide for Germany?

2) Discuss the agreement between Germany and Russia to split Poland's territory and explain how this agreement enticed Russia to agree to the deal arrangement and to avoid attacking Germany.

3) Explain how Hitler took advantage of the period of relative peace that the non-aggression pact provided him following the conclusion of the Polish campaign.

Essay Topic 3

The inner circle of Nazi leaders, both political and military, affected the course of the war significantly. A small number of individuals, their capabilities and beliefs, determined in large part the fate of the German people.

1) Describe Goering's position in the Third Reich, his personality, and his connection with Hitler. Explain at least one major way in which he affected the course of the war.

2) Explain Himmler's background and dual political and military position. Explain his use of the SS and his command over Army Group Vistulla, as well as the results of both of these commands.

3) Describe Goebbels as a person and explain his importance in the German political infrastructure. Discuss his influence on the war and personal connections with Hitler.

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