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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What achievement was Hitler astonished to discover when he visited the troops in Poland?
(a) The mobile infantry had suffered almost no losses.
(b) The Polish soldiers wanted to join the German army.
(c) The tanks were effective against enemy infantry.
(d) Tanks had destroyed whole Polish artillery positions.

2. What was the first city that Guderian attacked in France?
(a) Chaumont.
(b) Metz.
(c) Bouillon.
(d) Strasbourg.

3. According to Guderian, what was one of the problems the Tiger faced in its early introduction into the war?
(a) It lacked sufficiently large fuel tanks.
(b) Its crews were poorly trained.
(c) It was not given appropriate ammunition.
(d) It was introduced too early.

4. What company worked hard to produce huge and unusual tank designs?
(a) Porsche.
(b) Mercedes-Benz.
(c) I.G. Farben.
(d) Krupp.

5. What date was the offensive against Brest-Litovsk initiated?
(a) September 1st.
(b) December 1st.
(c) November 5th.
(d) September 8th.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the first nation that Guderian's forces invaded in the "Breakthrough to the Channel"?

2. How many French troops surrendeedr to German forces after their defeat at Belfort?

3. What was the first major action taken by Guderian against Brest-Litovosk?

4. During the fighting around Smolensk, Von Kluge threatened to court-martial Guderian and what other German leader?

5. What conference led to the incorporation of the Sudetenland into Germany?

Short Essay Questions

1. What personal danger did Guderian face in Chapter 12?

2. What happened to the rest of Czechoslovakia after Germany occupied the Sudetenland?

3. What was the impact of the T34 tank on the German military?

4. Describe the basic components of a Panzer division.

5. What was the significance of Kuln to Guderian?

6. Summarize Guderian's opinion of Hitler's overall strategic mistakes.

7. What problems did the German General Staff face in the inter-war period?

8. What tactical considerations did Guderian insist on in the planning of the invasion of France?

9. What war did the tradition of the German General Staff date back to?

10. What did the Russian army do in Poland during Germany's invasion?

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