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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Guderian was horrified when the command of the newly formed Army Group Vistula was given to what commander?
(a) Himmler.
(b) Rommel.
(c) Goering.
(d) Model.

2. What German forces were engaged in the Ardennes Offensive?
(a) Ten motorized infantry divisions.
(b) Five panzer corps.
(c) The XIX corps.
(d) Two panzer armies.

3. Guderian showed Hitler proof that Army Group Vistula's attack received which of the following?
(a) All available ammunition.
(b) Inadequite supplies.
(c) Contradictory orders.
(d) Inaccurate intelligence.

4. What was Hitler's reaction to the assassination attempt?
(a) He was calm.
(b) He was unmoved.
(c) He was livid.
(d) He was determined to seek revenge.

5. The OKH controlled the German army during the invasion of what major country?
(a) Norway.
(b) France.
(c) Russia.
(d) Poland.

6. How many panzer divisions did Guderian manage to scrape together for the Western front?
(a) Six.
(b) Twenty.
(c) Two.
(d) Ten.

7. Who did Guderian demand that Hitler replace?
(a) Keitel.
(b) Goering.
(c) Von Kluge.
(d) Himmler.

8. Guderian described Hitler as being prone to panic in what situations?
(a) After an offensive failed.
(b) When his forces were outnumbered.
(c) When things began to go wrong.
(d) When his advisers turned against him.

9. What happened to the German General Staff after WWI?
(a) It was disbanded.
(b) It was halved in size.
(c) Its meetings were monitored by the allies.
(d) It was controlled by the French and English.

10. What new commander of Army Group Vistula was ordered to relieve a surrounded fortress?
(a) Reinhardt.
(b) Heinrici.
(c) Wenck.
(d) Hossbach.

11. What major problem limited tank production in late 1943?
(a) Allied bombing.
(b) The diversion of resources toward rocket production.
(c) Lack of manpower.
(d) Complexity of tank designs.

12. Who originated the term "Blitzkrieg"?
(a) Guderian.
(b) The German General Staff.
(c) Hitler.
(d) The allies.

13. What German military leader held the same position as Keitel and shared a similar fate?
(a) Von Brauchitsch.
(b) Jodl.
(c) Dieter.
(d) Wenck.

14. How did most of the younger officers in the German General Staff react to the Nazi's rise to power?
(a) They were excited.
(b) They left the country.
(c) They were frightened.
(d) They prepared to oppose them.

15. What did Guderian convince Himmler to do?
(a) Turn himself in for arrest.
(b) Give up his military post.
(c) Endorse Guderian for a promotion.
(d) Surrender his forces.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Guderian's association with the "Court of Honor"?

2. What did Guderian want to send to Africa to help stabilize the collapsing front there?

3. What was Guderian's assessment of Goering's leadership?

4. What force catpured Guderian?

5. Guderian describeed Germany as being controlled in what way?

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