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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What factor demoralized Rommel on the Western front?
(a) The poor training of his men.
(b) Lack of a serviceable heavy tank.
(c) Lack of anti-tank weapons.
(d) Allied air-superiority.

2. Which of the following does NOT correctly describe the Waffen-SS?
(a) Paratroopers.
(b) Elite infantry.
(c) Mass murderers.
(d) Hitler's bodyguards.

3. How did most of the younger officers in the German General Staff react to the Nazi's rise to power?
(a) They were excited.
(b) They were frightened.
(c) They left the country.
(d) They prepared to oppose them.

4. What force catpured Guderian?
(a) The Americans.
(b) The English.
(c) The French.
(d) The Russians.

5. What was Guderian's association with the "Court of Honor"?
(a) He was only nominally involved with it.
(b) He held veto power over its decisions.
(c) He was its head judge.
(d) He created it.

6. What did Hitler order Guderian to do after their final confrontation?
(a) Go on a six-week leave.
(b) Surrender.
(c) Kill himself.
(d) Lead a suicide attack.

7. When Guderian was promoted to Inspector-General of the Armored Troops, the German infantry largely lacked what vital weapon?
(a) Assault rifles.
(b) Grenades.
(c) High-caliber rifles.
(d) Anti-tank weapons.

8. The OKH controlled the German army during the invasion of what major country?
(a) Russia.
(b) Norway.
(c) France.
(d) Poland.

9. Guderian described Hitler as being brave in what situations?
(a) During the planning of attacks.
(b) When things looked worst.
(c) When facing significant opposition.
(d) During the execution of offensives.

10. What fortress was the new commander of Army Group Vistulla ordeedr to relieve?
(a) Moldova.
(b) Kessel.
(c) Kustrin.
(d) Dresden.

11. Guderian estimated the war could only continue for a few more weeks if what critical area was taken?
(a) East Prussia.
(b) Denmark.
(c) Upper Silesia.
(d) The Rhineland.

12. What was Guderian's primary concern, following the assassination attempt of July 20th?
(a) Protecting Hitler.
(b) Defending East Prussia.
(c) Organizing tank production.
(d) Proving his innocence.

13. In Guderian's story about the Court of Honor, what did the soldier do instead of killing himself?
(a) He deserted to the Americans.
(b) He deserted to the Russians.
(c) He broke his own leg.
(d) He posed as a civilian.

14. What did Guderian think about the bomb plot?
(a) It was extremely foolish.
(b) It could not have helped Germany.
(c) It was treason.
(d) It was a noble gesture.

15. According to Guderian, why was the German military unable to oppose Hitler?
(a) He has too many political connections.
(b) He was from the military himself.
(c) He was a charismatic leader.
(d) He was highly successful.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Guderian convince Himmler to do?

2. When was Guderian captured?

3. What was Hitler's reaction to the assassination attempt?

4. What did Dr. Geordeler want Guderian to help him with?

5. How many panzer divisions did Guderian manage to scrape together for the Western front?

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