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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The OKW was created to act as which of the following?
(a) A logistical support organization.
(b) A puppet government for Hitler.
(c) A mouthpiece for Goebbels.
(d) A control mechanism.

2. Who originated the term "Blitzkrieg"?
(a) Hitler.
(b) Guderian.
(c) The German General Staff.
(d) The allies.

3. Where did Rommel believe the Allies would make their major amphibious invasion?
(a) The Netherlands.
(b) Brest.
(c) The mouth of the Somme.
(d) Brittany.

4. What happened to the German General Staff after WWI?
(a) It was disbanded.
(b) Its meetings were monitored by the allies.
(c) It was halved in size.
(d) It was controlled by the French and English.

5. According to Guderian, why was the German military unable to oppose Hitler?
(a) He was from the military himself.
(b) He was a charismatic leader.
(c) He was highly successful.
(d) He has too many political connections.

6. What did Guderian claim about the Government Cabinet?
(a) It only existed on paper; it had no real members.
(b) It never met after 1938.
(c) It controlled more of Germany than most suspect.
(d) It instigated many of Germany's war crimes.

7. What did Guderian do during his final meeting with the Fuhrer that upset Hitler significantly?
(a) He recommended a separate peace.
(b) He demanded Germany surrender.
(c) He suggested a defensive strategy.
(d) He contradicted Hitler.

8. According to Guderian, Hitler possessed what important capabilities?
(a) Military genius and accumen.
(b) Far-reaching strategy and fast decision-making.
(c) Genuine love for the German people and courage.
(d) Speaking abilities and willpower.

9. What did Guderian want to send to Africa to help stabilize the collapsing front there?
(a) Heavy assault guns.
(b) Critical supplies and ammunition.
(c) Experienced tank crews.
(d) Elite SS panzer divisions.

10. What factor demoralized Rommel on the Western front?
(a) Allied air-superiority.
(b) Lack of a serviceable heavy tank.
(c) Lack of anti-tank weapons.
(d) The poor training of his men.

11. Which of the following best describes the relationship that existed between the German General Staff and the Weimar Republic?
(a) Close.
(b) Cooperative.
(c) Aloof.
(d) Confrontational.

12. What happened when Guderian was called to meet with Hitler, following the assassination attempt of July 20th?
(a) He was transfered to a new command.
(b) He was promoted.
(c) He was threatened with arrest.
(d) He was demoted.

13. What German military leader held the same position as Keitel and shared a similar fate?
(a) Jodl.
(b) Wenck.
(c) Von Brauchitsch.
(d) Dieter.

14. What was the German General Staff's opinion towards entering the war?
(a) They were happy to avoid war.
(b) They were eager to enter a war.
(c) They were overconfident in German capabilities.
(d) They were unsure of German capabilities.

15. During Germany's final collapse, Guderian sought an audience with Hitler and what other major leader?
(a) Goering.
(b) Himmler.
(c) Model.
(d) Rommel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Guderian explained to Hitler that Army Group Vistula suffered what setback during their final attack?

2. Where were soldiers sent after being tried at the Court of Honor?

3. Guderian showed Hitler proof that Army Group Vistula's attack received which of the following?

4. Why was Guderian interrogated following the evacuation of Warsaw?

5. What was Guderian's association with the "Court of Honor"?

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