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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Guderian's assessment of Goering's leadership?
(a) He was highly capable.
(b) He was reasonably capable.
(c) He was a failure.
(d) He was incompetant in defense.

2. What was the OKH?
(a) The general staff of the army.
(b) The central armored command.
(c) The reserve divisions.
(d) The German militia.

3. During the planning of the Kursk offensive, Guderian had what major objection?
(a) The Russian were too numerous.
(b) Too little fuel was available.
(c) The Panther was still not ready.
(d) Intelligence was lacking.

4. What was Guderian's association with the "Court of Honor"?
(a) He held veto power over its decisions.
(b) He created it.
(c) He was its head judge.
(d) He was only nominally involved with it.

5. Which of the following does Guderian NOT cite as a reason for Hitler's declining capabilities?
(a) His tendency to stay up late.
(b) His advanced age.
(c) His drug use.
(d) His lack of personal connections.

6. What did Guderian do during his final meeting with the Fuhrer that upset Hitler significantly?
(a) He suggested a defensive strategy.
(b) He recommended a separate peace.
(c) He contradicted Hitler.
(d) He demanded Germany surrender.

7. On July 18th, Guderian received a report that von Kluge intended to do what?
(a) Declare an armistice in the West.
(b) Launch a huge offensive.
(c) Surrender his forces.
(d) Defect to the allies.

8. What force catpured Guderian?
(a) The Americans.
(b) The English.
(c) The Russians.
(d) The French.

9. What problem did the German General Staff face after 1933?
(a) A lack of leadership.
(b) Swelling ranks.
(c) An insuffiiciently large army.
(d) Difficulty adapting to new technologies.

10. How did Guderian feel about the coup plotters of July 20th?
(a) He saw them as traitors.
(b) He felt their methods were flawed.
(c) He saw them as heroes.
(d) He wished he had joined them.

11. What fortress was the new commander of Army Group Vistulla ordeedr to relieve?
(a) Moldova.
(b) Dresden.
(c) Kustrin.
(d) Kessel.

12. What recommendation did Hitler make to Guderian, during their discussions, during the events of Chapter 12?
(a) He should take over the armed forces.
(b) He should make his own decisions.
(c) He should go on sick leave.
(d) He should kill himself.

13. What occurred in Romania, following the routing of the German-allied Romanian troops?
(a) A guerrilla war.
(b) A communist revolution.
(c) An armistice.
(d) A coup d'etat.

14. In October of 1944, Guderian managed to stop the Russian advance in what region?
(a) East Prussia.
(b) Bulgaria.
(c) Romania.
(d) Poland.

15. What did von Kluge do after he was replaced by Model?
(a) He formally protested.
(b) He requested a reassingment.
(c) He killed himself.
(d) He tried to take Guderian down with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Guderian advocated what defensive strategy for the Eastern front?

2. In Guderian's story about the Court of Honor, what did the soldier do instead of killing himself?

3. The revolt in what occupied city was put down with brutal violence by October 2nd?

4. What was the German General Staff's opinion towards entering the war?

5. What did Hitler demand to punish the SS division that failed in its attack on Hungary?

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