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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During Germany's final collapse, Guderian sought an audience with Hitler and what other major leader?
(a) Goering.
(b) Rommel.
(c) Model.
(d) Himmler.

2. What did Guderian want to speak to Hitler about during the events of Chapter 12?
(a) A new tank design.
(b) Total surrender.
(c) A new offensive.
(d) Armistice.

3. During the planning of the Kursk offensive, Guderian had what major objection?
(a) Too little fuel was available.
(b) Intelligence was lacking.
(c) The Panther was still not ready.
(d) The Russian were too numerous.

4. What was Guderian's assessment of Goering's leadership?
(a) He was highly capable.
(b) He was incompetant in defense.
(c) He was a failure.
(d) He was reasonably capable.

5. In Guderian's story about the Court of Honor, what happened to the soldier, which gave the other soldier the chance to kill himself?
(a) He went free.
(b) He was demoted.
(c) He was killed under mysterious circumstances.
(d) He was shot for treason.

6. What did Guderian think about the bomb plot?
(a) It was extremely foolish.
(b) It was a noble gesture.
(c) It was treason.
(d) It could not have helped Germany.

7. What was the OKH?
(a) The general staff of the army.
(b) The reserve divisions.
(c) The central armored command.
(d) The German militia.

8. Following the allied breakout from Normany, German forces retreated to what region?
(a) Dunkirk.
(b) The West Wall.
(c) The Ardennes.
(d) The Maginot line.

9. What factor demoralized Rommel on the Western front?
(a) Lack of a serviceable heavy tank.
(b) Lack of anti-tank weapons.
(c) Allied air-superiority.
(d) The poor training of his men.

10. What did Guderian convince Himmler to do?
(a) Give up his military post.
(b) Endorse Guderian for a promotion.
(c) Surrender his forces.
(d) Turn himself in for arrest.

11. What did Dr. Geordeler want Guderian to help him with?
(a) A major reorganization of the panzer division.
(b) A technical problem in production.
(c) A plan to put Hitler under arrest.
(d) A revolutionary tank design.

12. What did Guderian claim about the Government Cabinet?
(a) It only existed on paper; it had no real members.
(b) It never met after 1938.
(c) It controlled more of Germany than most suspect.
(d) It instigated many of Germany's war crimes.

13. What was von Kluge suspected of, following the assassination attempt of July 20th?
(a) Planning the attack.
(b) Giving information to the allies.
(c) Being complicit in the attack.
(d) Spying for the allies.

14. When was Guderian captured?
(a) May 10th.
(b) December 7th.
(c) June 22nd.
(d) March 3rd.

15. According to Guderian, Hitler possessed what important capabilities?
(a) Far-reaching strategy and fast decision-making.
(b) Genuine love for the German people and courage.
(c) Military genius and accumen.
(d) Speaking abilities and willpower.

Short Answer Questions

1. Guderian described Hitler as being prone to panic in what situations?

2. What happened to the German General Staff after WWI?

3. The revolt in what occupied city was put down with brutal violence by October 2nd?

4. What occurred in Romania, following the routing of the German-allied Romanian troops?

5. What was the German General Staff's opinion towards entering the war?

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