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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many French troops surrendeedr to German forces after their defeat at Belfort?
(a) 50,000.
(b) 250,000.
(c) 10,000.
(d) 100,000.

2. During the fighting around Smolensk, Von Kluge threatened to court-martial Guderian and what other German leader?
(a) Hoth.
(b) Rommel.
(c) Kleist.
(d) Keigel.

3. How long did Germany expect the invasion of Russia to take?
(a) 12 weeks.
(b) 30 weeks.
(c) 60 weeks.
(d) 6 weeks.

4. Why did Guderian believe the French wanted to avoid real fighting?
(a) They were traditionally averse to conflict.
(b) They did not attack while Germany invaded Poland.
(c) They lacked of offensive weapons.
(d) They were dug in and defending.

5. What was the first major action taken by Guderian against Brest-Litovosk?
(a) An armored column penetrated the outer defenses of the city.
(b) SS infantry infiltrated the city at night.
(c) A force of armored vehicles scouted its defenses.
(d) A motorized division stormed the city, but was repulsed.

6. Why was Guderian not satisfied with the results of the armistice with France?
(a) His contributions were not recognized.
(b) France could have been fully occupied.
(c) The terms did not favor Germany.
(d) His forces were not given enough time.

7. How many Panzer divisions were formed by 1935?
(a) Three.
(b) Seven.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Ten.

8. In what branch was Guderian called to serve in 1921?
(a) The Home Front.
(b) The Air Ministry.
(c) The General Staff.
(d) The Mechanized Army.

9. What unit was Guderian given command over for the march on Austria?
(a) The 1st Fallshirmjager Division.
(b) The 9th Sicherungs Divisions.
(c) The 2nd Panzer Division.
(d) The 84th Infantry Division.

10. What achievement was Hitler astonished to discover when he visited the troops in Poland?
(a) The tanks were effective against enemy infantry.
(b) Tanks had destroyed whole Polish artillery positions.
(c) The Polish soldiers wanted to join the German army.
(d) The mobile infantry had suffered almost no losses.

11. Guderian suggested a plan for the Western campaign that had what characteristic?
(a) Mobile fronts and supply lines.
(b) Attacks from multiple fronts.
(c) Close air and ground support.
(d) Penetration without regard to flanks.

12. What prevented Guderian from taking advantage of his right to choose property in Germany?
(a) He could not get to Berlin.
(b) He was seriously ill.
(c) He was not liked at home.
(d) He had too many political enemies.

13. What city did Guderian plan to capture in the first 6 days of the invasion of Russia?
(a) Stalingrad.
(b) Minsk.
(c) Leningrad.
(d) Kursk.

14. The Shlieffen Plan proposed an advance that was strongest where?
(a) The center.
(b) The left flank.
(c) The defended rivers.
(d) The right flank.

15. What happened to von Fritsch, Blomberg, and Lutz at about the same time Guderian was promoted in 1938?
(a) They were demoted.
(b) They were also promoted.
(c) They defected.
(d) They were tried for treason.

Short Answer Questions

1. What German commander demanded the glory of destroying the English army at Dunkirk?

2. What date was the offensive against Brest-Litovsk initiated?

3. Why did Guderian accept the new post offered to him after the occupation of the Sudetenland?

4. What did Guderian do when he reached Brest-Litovsk?

5. What was the state of strategic thinking about the use of tanks in the German high command as of 1938?

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