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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4- The Beginnning of the Disaster.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What major life change did Guderian make before WWI?
(a) He renounced his faith.
(b) He enlisted in the army.
(c) He became a German citizen.
(d) He married.

2. What was unusual about the mobile division organized by Guderian under General Lutz's command?
(a) It only existed on paper.
(b) It included no small arms.
(c) It was armed with dummy weapons.
(d) It was labelled as a hospital battalion.

3. What command was Guderian given in the preparation for the invasion of Poland?
(a) The SS "Viking" Panzer Division.
(b) The XIX Army Corps.
(c) Army Group V.
(d) The Combined Armored Corps.

4. On September 12th, Polish forces near what location surrendered in large numbers?
(a) Lomza.
(b) Radom.
(c) Andrzeievo.
(d) Warsaw.

5. What did Guderian do when he reached Brest-Litovsk?
(a) He began an artillery bobmardment.
(b) He sent scouts into the city.
(c) He surrounded the city.
(d) He demanded Polish forces surrender.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Guderian accept the new post offered to him after the occupation of the Sudetenland?

2. What conference led to the incorporation of the Sudetenland into Germany?

3. The Sudetenland was located within what nation?

4. Why was Guderian gratified to reach Kulm?

5. Germany's first experimental medium tanks had guns with what diameter of bore?

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