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The Sudetenland

This was a largely German-inhabited area in Czechoslovakia that Hitler demanded and received at the Munich Conference.

The Anschluss

This event united Germany and Austria.

The Polish Corridor

This largely German inhabited area was demanded by Hitler, and when its controller refused, Hitler declared war.

The Ardennes Mountains, the Meuse River

In the attack against France, Germany invaded through these regions and attacked them again later to counter the allied advance following the landings at Normandy.

The Maginot Line

This was a system of fortifications on the French and German border.

The Channel Ports, Dunkirk

These locations were the targets of von Kleist's Army Group in France after those forces swung north following the breakthrough in Belgium.


This fortress on the Bug River was captured by Guderian in September of 1939.

German Allies of the Eastern Front

This group of nations included Romania, Hungary, Finland, and...

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