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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1- Background and Youth; Chapter 2- The Creation of the German Armored Forces Guderian was born into a military family and joined the Germany army as a junior officer before World War I. He quickly became fascinated with the tanks employed by the English in that war, an interest which would shape the rest of his career.

1) Class Discussion: When and where was Guderian born? What was his family like? How was he influenced by his family? Why did Guderian enter the German military?

2) Small Group Discussion: How might Guderian have seen tanks on the battlefields in WWI? Why did he become so interested in these vehicles? How was his early career influenced by his interest in tanks? What contributions did Guderian make to German tank development in his early career?

3) Journal Entry: Write from the perspective of a German officer who is superior to...

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