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Guderian's War - Illustration

Guderian commanded many units and formations throughout the course of the second World War. He led major offensives in nearly every major theater, from the early annexations of Austria and Czechoslovakia, to the wars with Poland, France, and Russia. Using an appropriate map of Europe and information from the book, create a graphic that illustrates Guderian's movements as a military commander throughout the war, including his campaigns in Poland, France, Russia, and the Eastern Front. Include details (either visually or with descriptions) such as force sizes and names, and important battles or events.

Scale Model - Crafts Project

The Panzers were essential to the German war-plan, and their mobility, firepower, and armor allowed for the use of aggressive tactics of rapid advance. Many of these tank models are now famous and iconic. Scale models of most of these tanks are widely available and provide...

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