Panzer Leader Character Descriptions

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Colonel-General Heinz Guderian

This military leader pioneered tank-centered armored divisions and consistently advocated rapid advances without regard to flanks.

Adolf Hitler

This leader seized political and military control of Germany starting in the 1930s and drove that nation into a major war.

Field Marshal von Kluge

This military leader commanded Army Group Centre in the campaign against Russia and later was in command of the Western Front. He killed himself late in the war.

Field Marshal von Manstein

This military leader's plan for a rapid breakthrough attack against France was adopted by the German high command, although the de facto ruler of Germany found him too independent-minded to work with directly.

Field Marshall Rommel

This military leader was legendary for his exploits in Africa and later planned the defense of occupied France.

Heinrich Himmler

This leader of the SS and Army Group Vistula was incompetent and obsessed with...

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