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Chapter 1- Background and Youth; Chapter 2- The Creation of the German Armored Forces

• Guderian was born in 1888. He joined the military before WWI as a junior officer. He married, had two sons, and served on frontier duty after the war.

• In 1921 Guderian served on the General Staff, working on motorized transportation. He became an instructor on military history and mobile warfare.

• Guderian oversaw the production of experimental light and medium tanks.

• Guderian saw and drove his first tank in Sweden in 1929. Soon after he developed the idea of the panzer division.

• There was little consensus among the German leadership about the use of tanks.

• The tank had the advantages of mobility and the armor required to advance quickly under fire. Its large main gun allowed it to destroy targets, as would artillery, but with greater surprise and accuracy.

Chapter 3: Hitler at His Peak

• Guderian was promoted to...

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