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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Mr. B and Pamela contemplate marriage and continue to discuss details concerning their situation, what does Pamela worry about?
(a) That Mr. B might turn against her once more.
(b) That Lady Davers will be hostile to her.
(c) That Mr. B is simply trying another way to destroy her virtue.
(d) That people will be rude to Mr. B for marrying below his station.

2. How does Mr. Andrews feel after Pamela tells him all that has transpired leading to the plans for her marriage?
(a) He is happy to be reunited with Pamela but he is eager to return to tell his wife.
(b) He is anxious about her safety.
(c) He is still hostile to Mr. B.
(d) He is distressed.

3. In the series of confrontations that occur with Lady Davers because of her reaction to Pamela's marriage, what important attitude does Mr. B display that will be necessary in a marriage to someone with Pamela's background?
(a) He does not allow his wife to get into such arguments.
(b) He protects his wife from criticism.
(c) He does not tolerate disrespect to his wife.
(d) He tries to keep the peace.

4. When it is confirmed for Lady Davers that Mr. B and Pamela are truly married, Lady Davers reacts negatively. What does this reaction to the news reflect about some aspects of the society in which the novel is set?
(a) She shows prejudice by insisting that Pamela should inherit nothing from her family.
(b) She shows the prejudice in the society by accusing Mr. B of marrying the daughter of a beggar.
(c) She shows prejudice by saying that she doesn't want a servant girl in her family.
(d) She shows prejudice by saying that Pamela must not live in the family estate.

5. In Section 11, which character is clearly opposed to the marriage between Mrs. B and Pamela?
(a) Lady Davers.
(b) Mrs. Andrews.
(c) Mrs. Jervis.
(d) Mr. Williams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What condition does Mr. B impose when he tells Pamela that she can let her parents know about the marriage?

2. What condition does Pamela find Mr. B in when she returns at the end of Section 8?

3. How does Pamela feel when the young ladies from the gentry invite her to join them for dinner?

4. How are Pamela's chastity and innocence demonstrated after her marriage?

5. Pamela overhears a conversation between Mr. B and Mrs. Jewkes in Section 8. What aspect of this conversation causes a change in her attitude to Mr. B?

Short Essay Questions

1. After being abused by Lady Davers, what happens when Pamela eventually arrives at Sir Simon's to meet Mr. B?

2. In Section 8, how do the events involving news of a sham marriage and Pamela's departure from Lincolnshire lead to changes in the emotions of both Mr. B and Pamela?

3. In Section 8, how do letters and Pamela's notes play a significant role in the story?

4. On the night and day following her wedding, how does Pamela feel about the events that occur?

5. After Mr. B recovers from his fever, how does he deal with Pamela's return?

6. What is achieved by the author causing Lady Davers to oppose the relationship between Pamela and Mr. B when she visits them in Lincolnshire.

7. Although the anger between Mr. B and his sister has subsided and everything appears to be fine, what lingering concern does Pamela have as a consequence of Lady Davers' outburst?

8. After Lady Davers reveals the important facts about Mr. B's past and Mr. B orders the chariot and leaves, What events cause a turn in the hostility between the siblings?

9. What does Pamela's attitude to Lady Davers' behavior reveal about her character?

10. In Section 14 as Pamela and Lady Davers become closer, what information does the older woman seek about Pamela's past?

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