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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What condition does Pamela find Mr. B in when she returns at the end of Section 8?
(a) He is drunk.
(b) He is very ill.
(c) He is distresed and acting in a crazy manner.
(d) He is desperate and depressed.

2. When Pamela becomes aware of this source of opposition to her marriage, why is she very worried?
(a) Because she doesn't want any disagreements with Mr. B and this person.
(b) Because of the impact on her father.
(c) Because she hopes that everyone will be supportive.
(d) Because of the negative impact it will have on Mr. B's relationships.

3. As Pamela returns to Bedfordhshire and assumes her new way of life, what aspects of her character are revealed?
(a) She is dependent upon Mrs. Jervis for everything.
(b) Inability to cope with her new status and to adapt to her role.
(c) Resilience, adaptability and ability to rise to the occasion of her marriage.
(d) She is dependent on Mr. B and can only handle the situation when Mr. B is around.

4. What condition does Mr. B impose when he tells Pamela that she can let her parents know about the marriage?
(a) They must move to his estate immediately.
(b) She must insist that they invite no relatives on their side.
(c) She must explain that they cannot attend.
(d) She must ensure that they keep it a secret.

5. When Pamela visits Lady Davers, what request does Lady Davers make of Pamela in order to discover more about her experiences?
(a) Lady Davers asks to see Pamela's journal.
(b) She asks her to tell her all about her trials and how they affected her.
(c) She asks her not to assume Mr. B's name.
(d) She asks to see her letters to her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event occurs at the home of Pamela and Mr. B on the morning after the confrontation between Lady Davers and Pamela?

2. At the beginning of Section 10 when everyone becomes interested in seeing Pamela, which members of the gentry visit Pamela and Mr. B?

3. When Mr. B sees Pamela's reaction to him after she overhears his conversation with Mrs. Jewkes, how does Mr. B behave?

4. What concern has brought Pamela's father to visit in Section 10?

5. After the discussion of the incident involving Lady Davers and Pamela, how do the guests of Sir Simon pass the time?

Short Essay Questions

1. While the wedding and its aftermath bring happiness to Mr. B and Pamela, what issue develops in Section 11 that will create conflict for them?

2. In Section 9, what is revealed about the complications in the changing relationship between Mr. B and Pamela?

3. After being abused by Lady Davers, what happens when Pamela eventually arrives at Sir Simon's to meet Mr. B?

4. In Section 14, following their departure from the gentry in Lincolnshire, what events follow the return of Pamela and Mr. B to the estate in Bedfordshire?

5. When Lady Davers abuses Pamela and the quarrel between Lady Davers and Mr. B escalates, what is the final offense committed by Lady Davers and to what does it lead?

6. How do the gentry continue to show support for the marriage between Mr. B and Pamela? How does their behavior contrast with that of Lady Davers?

7. Who makes a surprise visit to Pamela and Mr. B in Section 10 and what transpires during the visit?

8. In Section 8, how do the events involving news of a sham marriage and Pamela's departure from Lincolnshire lead to changes in the emotions of both Mr. B and Pamela?

9. In Section 8, what unexpected event leads Pamela to further fear and mistrust Mr. B?

10. In Section 14 as Pamela and Lady Davers become closer, what information does the older woman seek about Pamela's past?

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