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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pamela feel when the young ladies from the gentry invite her to join them for dinner?
(a) She knows they are ridiculing her.
(b) She feels unworthy of them.
(c) She feels comfortable with them.
(d) She dislikes being with them.

2. As Mr. B and Pamela become increasingly open in their discussions of their future, what does Mr. B reveal to Pamela about the sham marriage of which she read accidentally?
(a) He chastises her for believing such nonsense.
(b) He denies it completely.
(c) He admits that he considered it.
(d) He claims he knew nothing of it.

3. What roles does Lady Davers' companion play in the confrontation with Mr. B?
(a) He apologizes upon hearing that Mr. B is really married to Pamela.
(b) He continues to attack Pamela's background.
(c) He leaves because of embarrassment.
(d) He continues to take the side of Lady Davers.

4. Apart from the gentry and Mr. Andrews, which other person visits Mr. B and Pamela shortly before the wedding?
(a) Mrs. Jervis.
(b) The clergyman.
(c) Mr. Jonathan.
(d) Mr. Williams.

5. In Section 11, which character is clearly opposed to the marriage between Mrs. B and Pamela?
(a) Mrs. Andrews.
(b) Mrs. Jervis.
(c) Lady Davers.
(d) Mr. Williams.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following phrases best reflects the theme of the section of the novel in which Mr. B and Lady Davers have their confrontation and then overcome their disagreement?

2. How are Pamela's parents treated upon Mr. B's return to Bedfordshire?

3. When Pamela arrives for tea at Mr. Simons and relates the incident with Lady Davers, how do Sir Simon's guests respond to Pamela?

4. Following his marriage to Pamela, how is Mr. B's generosity revealed?

5. In the series of confrontations that occur with Lady Davers because of her reaction to Pamela's marriage, what important attitude does Mr. B display that will be necessary in a marriage to someone with Pamela's background?

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