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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the members of the gentry show support for the pending marriage?
(a) They ask to attend and to have a ball afterwards.
(b) They ask the couple to join them for drinks after the ceremony.
(c) They ask that the wedding be held at the church so more people can attend.
(d) They offer to prepare Pamela for her marriage.

2. After her marriage, how does the author provide humor when Pamela tries to write Mrs. Jervis about her reinstatement?
(a) He makes humorous comments about the servants.
(b) He refers to Mr. B making jokes with Pamela.
(c) He makes humorous comments about the gentry.
(d) He refers to Pamela not knowing how to sign her new name.

3. On the eve of Pamela's departure from Lincolnshire, what specific agreement is reached between Pamela and Miss Darnford?
(a) They agree to take holidays together.
(b) They agree to visit Lady Davers together.
(c) They agree to visit each other.
(d) They agree to correspond with each other.

4. While entertaining his guests who show support for him and Pamela, how does Mr. B show his willingness to accept responsibility for his past wrongs?
(a) He acknowledges his faults.
(b) He apologizes publicly to Pamela and her family.
(c) He asks for forgiveness for his wrongs against other women.
(d) He tells his guests of his past treatment of Pamela, giving her all credit and accepting the discredit.

5. How does Pamela celebrate her marriage when she returns to Bedfordshire?
(a) She gets involved with the church.
(b) She buys new clothes.
(c) She presents herself to the gentry.
(d) She gives the servants monetary gifts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What roles does Lady Davers' companion play in the confrontation with Mr. B?

2. As the novel approaches its final stages, Pamela and Mr. B return to the estate in Bedfordshire and the reader anticipates the reaction of the servants who were previously Pamela's colleagues. How is Pamela treated by the servants?

3. What disagreement do Pamela and Mr. B have in the early stages of planning their marriage?

4. When Pamela visits Lady Davers, what request does Lady Davers make of Pamela in order to discover more about her experiences?

5. What concern has brought Pamela's father to visit in Section 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author treat the actual wedding of Pamela and Mr. B and with what possible effects?

2. In Section 8, how do letters and Pamela's notes play a significant role in the story?

3. In Section 8, how do the events involving news of a sham marriage and Pamela's departure from Lincolnshire lead to changes in the emotions of both Mr. B and Pamela?

4. As the newly married couple settle down in Bedforshire, how does the author demonstrate Pamela's adjustment to her new way of life?

5. In Section 14, following their departure from the gentry in Lincolnshire, what events follow the return of Pamela and Mr. B to the estate in Bedfordshire?

6. After Lady Davers reveals the important facts about Mr. B's past and Mr. B orders the chariot and leaves, What events cause a turn in the hostility between the siblings?

7. How do the gentry continue to show support for the marriage between Mr. B and Pamela? How does their behavior contrast with that of Lady Davers?

8. In Section 14 as Pamela and Lady Davers become closer, what information does the older woman seek about Pamela's past?

9. On the night and day following her wedding, how does Pamela feel about the events that occur?

10. What is achieved by the author causing Lady Davers to oppose the relationship between Pamela and Mr. B when she visits them in Lincolnshire.

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