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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pamela overhears a conversation between Mr. B and Mrs. Jewkes in Section 8. What aspect of this conversation causes a change in her attitude to Mr. B?
(a) Lady Davers is appealing to Mr. B to make an honest woman of Pamela.
(b) Mr. B refuses to go along with Mrs. Jewkes' suggestion that he should ruin Pamela.
(c) Lady Davers is appealing to Mr. B not to disgrace the family with any further rumors about Pamela and himself.
(d) Mrs. Jewkes is appealing to Mr. B to save Pamela from disgrace.

2. When Mr. B asks Pamela what she will do if she is unable to interact with other ladies after they are married, how does Pamela respond?
(a) She will sew, knit and cook.
(b) She will do accounting and social work.
(c) She says she will do accounting and cooking, play cards, read, write and remember her duty to God.
(d) She will spend her time with the Church.

3. Because the author treats the actual wedding in such an incidental way, this event could be described as a let-down or disappointment to readers expecting a big event. Which of the following terms would best describe such a let-down or disappointment?
(a) Turning point.
(b) Anti-climax.
(c) Falling action.
(d) Denouement.

4. How does Mr. B try to convince Pamela that he will be faithful and true?
(a) He tries to fulfill her wishes, he encourages Pamela to write to her parents, he sends them a gift, and gives Pamela money to disperse amongst the servants.
(b) He gives her everything she asks for.
(c) He repeatedly promises her never to be unkind again.
(d) He swears that he will always make her happy.

5. How do Pamela and Lady Davers try to deal with Mr. B's rage?
(a) Both withdraw from the situation.
(b) Both plead with Mr. B to forgive them.
(c) Both decide to ignore Mr. B and deal with each other.
(d) Each one tries to explain to Mr. B that she did not mean to let the situation get out of hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pamela celebrate her marriage when she returns to Bedfordshire?

2. Who accompanies Lady Davers on her visit to Mr. B and Pamela following their marriage?

3. As Pamela assumes her own responsibilities as mistress of Bedfordshire, what detailed plans does she make to manage one of her own duties?

4. How does Pamela feel when the young ladies from the gentry invite her to join them for dinner?

5. After returning to Mr. B at Lincolnshire, what happens when Pamela visits Mr. B at the beginning of Section 9?

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