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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After failing to help Pamela escape, Mr. Williams writes to her introducing a different subject. What is the subject?
(a) He proposes a visit to the clergyman.
(b) He wants to take her out of Mr. B's reach.
(c) He proposes marriage.
(d) He proposes an appeal to Mr. B's sister, Lady Davers.

2. In whom does Pamela confide about the incident with Mr. B?
(a) Jonathan.
(b) Mrs. Jervis.
(c) Mrs. Jewkes.
(d) Lady Davers.

3. After Mr. B ignores Pamela for some time during his visit to Lincolnshire, what surprising turn of events occurs?
(a) He asks her to be his wife.
(b) Mr. B asks her to be his mistress.
(c) Mr. B visits Pamela and commands her to dine with him.
(d) He encourages her to contact Mr. Williams.

4. When Mr. Andrews arrives looking for Pamela, how does Mr. B explain her absence?
(a) He denies any knowledge of her whereabouts.
(b) He claims to have sent her to wait upon a bishop's wife.
(c) He clams she has gone to Lady Davers.
(d) He says she has already left for home.

5. Faced with the realization that she is worried about Mr. B's condition, what concern does Pamela have about her response?
(a) She is annoyed with herself.
(b) She wonders why she cannot hate him.
(c) She fears that she has feelings for him.
(d) She fears that Mr. B will use this against her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following words best describe the attitude reflected in Mr. B's proposition and in the articles that he presents to Pamela?

2. How does Mr. B deal with the incident in which Pamela runs to her room and lies on the floor?

3. What reference to marriage does Mr. B include in the articles that he sets out in his proposition to Pamela?

4. After the dinner party when Mr B disguises himself and frightens Pamela, how does she react?

5. At the end of Section 7, it is evident that Mr. B has contradictory feelings about Pamela. How does he communicate these feelings to Pamela?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Section 3 of the novel when Mr. B intensifies his advances toward Pamela in an incident that involves Mrs. Jervis, what significant outcome results?

2. In Section 3 of the novel, how does Mr. B's increasing interference with Pamela reveal aspects of his character and create tension?

3. How does Section 6 highlight the intensity of Pamela's struggle to save her virtue?

4. How is Mr. Williams' role in helping Pamela to escape brought to an end in Section 6?

5. How does Mr. B intensify his advances toward Pamela after the argument at the party?

6. What other warnings do Pamela's parents give her at the beginning of the novel?

7. As Pamela leaves for Lincolnshire what part do letters play in advancing the plot?

8. What are the early indications that Mr. B is making inappropriate approaches to Pamela?

9. In Section 6, how does Pamela reveal that she has conflicting emotions about Mr. B?

10. How does Pamela deal with the approaches made by Mr B and what is the result?

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