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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Pamela wish that Mr. B would give her money instead of nice clothes?
(a) Because she wants to save for the future.
(b) So she can send money for her parents.
(c) Because she is not interested in clothes
(d) So she can go home.

2. What incident that occurs in Section 2, does Mr. B ask Pamela to keep a secret?
(a) His promise to keep her on as a maid.
(b) His attempt to kiss her.
(c) His threat to dismiss her.
(d) The offer of employment by Lady Danvers.

3. What reason does Mr. B give for agreeing to let Pamela go home after this incident?
(a) She is telling lies on him.
(b) He is tired of her hypocrisy.
(c) She is too much trouble.
(d) He will be marrying soon.

4. After Mr. Williams is involved in an incident and is visited by Mrs. Jewkes, how does he let Pamela down?
(a) He reveals everything to Mr. B.
(b) He tells Mrs. Jewkes everything that has passed between him and Pamela.
(c) He reveals everything to Lady Davers.
(d) He reveals everything to the gentry.

5. In her desperation to escape from Lincolnshire, Pamela contemplates suicide but she later decides against it; why?
(a) She fears that it will send her soul to eternal damnation.
(b) She is too afraid.
(c) She receives a letter of inspiration from her parents.
(d) She thinks the situation is not worth her life

Short Answer Questions

1. As Pamela is supposedly on her way home from Mr. B's estate with the coachman, where does Mr. B arrange for them to make the first stop?

2. What reference to marriage does Mr. B include in the articles that he sets out in his proposition to Pamela?

3. In the same letter, what other allegations does Mr. B make about Pamela?

4. According to a short narrative passage in Section 4 after Pamela is due to go home, what new betrayal has Pamela suffered?

5. According to Pamela's father, how important is it for Pamela to maintain her virtue?

Short Essay Questions

1. What role does Mrs. Jervis play in the beginning of the story?

2. What character traits of Mrs. Jewkes are revealed in Section 5 as she acts as Mr. B's ally?

3. How does Mr. B manipulate other characters to achieve what he wants from Pamela?

4. In Section 3 of the novel when Mr. B intensifies his advances toward Pamela in an incident that involves Mrs. Jervis, what significant outcome results?

5. In the preface to the novel, reference is made to the comment by the editor of "Pamela" that the book will become the standard for this style of writing. To what style of writing does the novel belong?

6. What other warnings do Pamela's parents give her at the beginning of the novel?

7. In Section 5, what role does Mr. Williams play in regard to Pamela's situation at Lincolnshire?

8. What important aspects of the plot are revealed through Pamela's first letter to her parents?

9. What is the significance of the dinner party about which Pamela writes her parents?

10. After Pamela rejects Mr. B's proposal for her to become his mistress, to what lengths does he go to have his way with her?

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