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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Mr. B makes his new approach to Pamela, what are the financial arrangements outlined in the articles of his proposition?
(a) He will pay Pamela a stipend each month.
(b) He will give her five hundred guineas.
(c) He will pay Pamela's father a fixed sum to cover Pamela's expenses.
(d) He will contribute to paying off the debts of Pamela's parents.

2. While becoming more restricted by Mrs. Jewkes at Lincolnshire, how does Pamela try to get help?
(a) She identifies a sober clergyman whom she trusts to help her.
(b) She write to Mr. Longman.
(c) She writes to Sir Simon.
(d) She asks Mrs Jewkes to help her.

3. In the preface to the novel, what phrase is used to describe the category to which it belongs?
(a) Romance.
(b) Novel of manners.
(c) Coming of age.
(d) Picaresque.

4. After being confronted by Pamela, what does Robin do about his assistance to Mr. B and his scheme against Pamela?
(a) He apologizes.
(b) He tells Pamela that he will make it up to her by helping her.
(c) He promises to stop helping Mr. B.
(d) He explains that he has no choice but to help Mr. B.

5. What does Pamela learn through a letter from Mr. Williams about the gentry and their attitude toward her situation?
(a) They are willing to help her.
(b) They are sorry for her.
(c) They regret her situation but are unwilling to anger Mr. B by helping her.
(d) They consider her an outsider.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Mr. B decides to send Pamela home, what excuse does he use to delay her departure?

2. Faced with the realization that she is worried about Mr. B's condition, what concern does Pamela have about her response?

3. What attitude does Mr. B show towards Pamela's virtue in Section 3 as she prepares to go home?

4. What reference does Mr. B make to Mr. Williams in one of the articles contained in his proposition to Pamela?

5. After the dinner party when Mr B disguises himself and frightens Pamela, how does she react?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the author's decision to return Pamela to Bedfordshire for the end of the story?

2. How does Mr. B intensify his advances toward Pamela after the argument at the party?

3. What incidents follow Pamela's loss of help from Mr. Williams?

4. In Section 8, what unexpected event leads Pamela to further fear and mistrust Mr. B?

5. What incident occurs in Section 12 that fulfills the reader's expectation of trouble from Lady Davers?

6. As the tensions ease between Pamela and Mr. B. in Section 9, what lingering concern does he express to Pamela about a past involvement of hers?

7. Describe the incident in Section 15 when Mr. B and Pamela undertake a journey to an establishment a few miles from Bedfordshire.

8. In Section 9, what is revealed about the complications in the changing relationship between Mr. B and Pamela?

9. In Section 10, how is Mr. Williams returned to the story?

10. How is irony demonstrated in Mrs. Jewkes reaction to the news that Pamela will soon be her mistress?

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