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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Section 3 of the novel when Mr. B agrees to let Pamela go home, what is Pamela's attitude toward Mr. B?
(a) She has mixed feelings about him.
(b) She is determined to take revenge.
(c) She hates him.
(d) She wishes him well for his mother's sake.

2. After failing to help Pamela escape, Mr. Williams writes to her introducing a different subject. What is the subject?
(a) He proposes an appeal to Mr. B's sister, Lady Davers.
(b) He proposes marriage.
(c) He proposes a visit to the clergyman.
(d) He wants to take her out of Mr. B's reach.

3. After Mr. Williams apologizes to Pamela for disclosing their plans, who writes to him about Mr. B's plans to visit?
(a) Jonathan.
(b) Lady Davers.
(c) John Arnold.
(d) Mrs. Jervis.

4. How does Pamela respond to Mr. B's proposition and the articles contained in it?
(a) She asks for time to consider.
(b) She writes rejecting him and asking him to reconsider before ruining her.
(c) She accepts them but asks for two to be changed.
(d) She asks to discuss the matter with her father.

5. About what does Mr. B write to Pamela while she is waiting to go home in Section 5?
(a) He tells her to be careful of the clergyman.
(b) He tells her to pay attention to the guidance of Mrs. Jewkes.
(c) He tells her he is sorry for his poor behavior.
(d) He writes begging Pamela to see him.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the dinner party when Mr. B disguises himself, what is Mr. B's response to Mrs. Jervis?

2. How does Mr. B make things worse with Pamela after his return?

3. At the end of Section 2, what is the reaction of the other servants to Pamela's departure from Mr. B's estate?

4. What is Mr. B's first response to seeing Pamela writing to her parents?

5. As Section 3 begins, what is the reaction of Mr. B's dinner party guests to the rumors about Pamela?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Mr. B's attempts to have his way with Pamela in Section 7, what changes does Mr. B make in the guidelines affecting Pamela's activities?

2. After Pamela rejects Mr. B's proposal for her to become his mistress, to what lengths does he go to have his way with her?

3. What is the significance of the dinner party about which Pamela writes her parents?

4. How does Mr. B manipulate other characters to achieve what he wants from Pamela?

5. In Section 6, how does Pamela reveal that she has conflicting emotions about Mr. B?

6. What incidents follow Pamela's loss of help from Mr. Williams?

7. How does the tension between Mr B and Pamela escalate as Section 4 of the novel is completed?

8. What other warnings do Pamela's parents give her at the beginning of the novel?

9. As Pamela leaves for Lincolnshire what part do letters play in advancing the plot?

10. What character traits of Mrs. Jewkes are revealed in Section 5 as she acts as Mr. B's ally?

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