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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Mr. B give for insisting that he must find Pamela a husband?
(a) She is too pretty to escape the designs of men.
(b) To prevent her from having to work for him.
(c) To end his responsibility for her.
(d) To provide her with security.

2. What aspect of Mr. B's character is displayed when he contacts the farmer to explain why Mr. B has sent Pamela there?
(a) He is insincere.
(b) He is manipulative.
(c) He is dishonest.
(d) He is obstinate.

3. After failing to help Pamela escape, Mr. Williams writes to her introducing a different subject. What is the subject?
(a) He proposes an appeal to Mr. B's sister, Lady Davers.
(b) He proposes marriage.
(c) He wants to take her out of Mr. B's reach.
(d) He proposes a visit to the clergyman.

4. As Pamela discovers her situation with Mrs. Jewkes in Section 5, how does Pamela seek assistance from Mr. Williams?
(a) She asks Mrs. Jewkes to ask him to help her.
(b) She hides a letter to Mr. Williams asking him to help her escape.
(c) She meets Mr. Williams at the post office and describes her plight.
(d) She meets Mr. Williams at the church and seeks help.

5. In Section 2, after Mr. B returns from a two week absence, of what does he accuse Pamela?
(a) Of being useless and artful.
(b) Of neglecting her duties.
(c) Of lying.
(d) Of stealing.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Mr. B deal with the incident in which Pamela runs to her room and lies on the floor?

2. What advice do Pamela's parents send her in response to Mr. Williams' earlier suggestion to Pamela?

3. After being confronted by Pamela, what does Robin do about his assistance to Mr. B and his scheme against Pamela?

4. How does Mr. B try to encourage Pamela to keep the incident a secret?

5. After Mr. B decides to send Pamela home, what excuse does he use to delay her departure?

Short Essay Questions

1. What role does Mrs. Jewkes play in Section 4 of the novel?

2. What other warnings do Pamela's parents give her at the beginning of the novel?

3. How does Section 6 highlight the intensity of Pamela's struggle to save her virtue?

4. What character traits of Mrs. Jewkes are revealed in Section 5 as she acts as Mr. B's ally?

5. In Section 5, what role does Mr. Williams play in regard to Pamela's situation at Lincolnshire?

6. As Pamela leaves for Lincolnshire what part do letters play in advancing the plot?

7. How does Mr. B intensify his advances toward Pamela after the argument at the party?

8. What important aspects of the plot are revealed through Pamela's first letter to her parents?

9. How does the tension between Mr B and Pamela escalate as Section 4 of the novel is completed?

10. How does Mr. B manipulate other characters to achieve what he wants from Pamela?

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