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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Pamela returns to Bedfordhshire and assumes her new way of life, what aspects of her character are revealed?
(a) Inability to cope with her new status and to adapt to her role.
(b) She is dependent upon Mrs. Jervis for everything.
(c) Resilience, adaptability and ability to rise to the occasion of her marriage.
(d) She is dependent on Mr. B and can only handle the situation when Mr. B is around.

2. After Pamela brings Mr. Andrews up-to-date about the events and plans for her marriage, what does Mr. Andrews do with Pamela's letters?
(a) He promises to store them safely.
(b) He promises to destroy them.
(c) He retuns them so she can destroy them.
(d) He returns them to her and she gives them to Mr. B.

3. In the series of confrontations that occur with Lady Davers because of her reaction to Pamela's marriage, what important attitude does Mr. B display that will be necessary in a marriage to someone with Pamela's background?
(a) He does not allow his wife to get into such arguments.
(b) He tries to keep the peace.
(c) He protects his wife from criticism.
(d) He does not tolerate disrespect to his wife.

4. Who delivers the letter from Mr. B to Pamela while she is at the inn on her way home from Lincolnshire?
(a) Mrs. Jewkes.
(b) Mr. B's groom.
(c) Mr. Colbrand.
(d) Mr. Robert.

5. How are Pamela and Mr. B treated during the period before their departure of Lincolnshire?
(a) Their departure is celebrated.
(b) They are ignored as most peope are relieved to see them go.
(c) They are praised and wished well by everyone but there is relief that they are going.
(d) They enjoy goodness and civility from everyone.

6. As Pamela settles down at her home in Bedfordshire and sets up her household, how does she demonstrate her ongoing commitment to her parents?
(a) Money and new clothes to travel
(b) Money to pay their debts.
(c) Money and a coach to bring them for a visit.
(d) She sends them money, an invitation to visit, and news that their creditors will be paid.

7. What condition does Pamela find Mr. B in when she returns at the end of Section 8?
(a) He is drunk.
(b) He is distresed and acting in a crazy manner.
(c) He is very ill.
(d) He is desperate and depressed.

8. When Mr. B demands Pamela's letters and she presents them to him in the garden, what information contained in her papers brings a significant response from Mr. B?
(a) He is upset that she feels so negatively towards him.
(b) He is curious that she worried when he almost drowned.
(c) He realizes how badly he has affected her.
(d) He laments her contemplation of suicide.

9. As Mr. B and Pamela contemplate marriage and continue to discuss details concerning their situation, what does Pamela worry about?
(a) That Lady Davers will be hostile to her.
(b) That Mr. B is simply trying another way to destroy her virtue.
(c) That Mr. B might turn against her once more.
(d) That people will be rude to Mr. B for marrying below his station.

10. When Mr. B sees Pamela's reaction to him after she overhears his conversation with Mrs. Jewkes, how does Mr. B behave?
(a) He locks himself in the closet.
(b) He dismisses Pamela again.
(c) He apologizes to Pamela.
(d) He leaves in anger.

11. After Lady Davers makes her revelation and Mr. B storms out in anger, what appeal does Lady Davers make to Pamela?
(a) She asks Pamela to go away and allow Mr. B to forget this mistake he has made by marrying her.
(b) She asks Pamela to appeal to Mr. B to forgive her.
(c) She asks Pamela to be her advocate as she tries to apologize to Mr. B.
(d) She asks Pamela to leave Mr. B with Lady Davers so she can try to make amends for her behavior.

12. While entertaining his guests who show support for him and Pamela, how does Mr. B show his willingness to accept responsibility for his past wrongs?
(a) He tells his guests of his past treatment of Pamela, giving her all credit and accepting the discredit.
(b) He apologizes publicly to Pamela and her family.
(c) He acknowledges his faults.
(d) He asks for forgiveness for his wrongs against other women.

13. What feelings towards Pamela has Mr. B displayed after she reacts to overhearing Mrs. B and Mrs. Jeweks' conversation in Section 8?
(a) He treats her badly most of the time.
(b) He is angrier than ever.
(c) His hostility towards her is diminishing.
(d) He vacillates between negative and positive feelings towards Pamela.

14. As Pamela assumes her own responsibilities as mistress of Bedfordshire, what detailed plans does she make to manage one of her own duties?
(a) She makes plans to resume her journal and letters.
(b) She makes detailed plans for her social engagements.
(c) She makes detailed pans to manage her household.
(d) She plans to keep detailed accounts of her charitabe donations.

15. In addition to the business arrangements made after their marriage, what other arrangements do Mr. B and Pamela discuss in order to prevent future disagreements?
(a) Her involvement with other families.
(b) Routine domestic arrangements including dress and hours for eating and sleeping.
(c) Her management of the servants.
(d) Her letter-writing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Because the author treats the actual wedding in such an incidental way, this event could be described as a let-down or disappointment to readers expecting a big event. Which of the following terms would best describe such a let-down or disappointment?

2. When Pamela stops at an inn on her way to her parents' home, she receives a letter from Mr. B. What important information does this letter contain?

3. How do Pamela and Lady Davers try to deal with Mr. B's rage?

4. When Pamela, Mr. B, and Mr. Andrews go out for an airing in the coach, what is the effect of Pamela's appearance on Mr. Andrews?

5. What condition does Mr. B impose when he tells Pamela that she can let her parents know about the marriage?

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