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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following terms best describes the section of the novel that occurs when Mr. B declares his love for Pamela and his desire to marry her?
(a) Climax or turning point.
(b) Falling action.
(c) Denouement.
(d) Rising action.

2. While entertaining his guests who show support for him and Pamela, how does Mr. B show his willingness to accept responsibility for his past wrongs?
(a) He asks for forgiveness for his wrongs against other women.
(b) He acknowledges his faults.
(c) He apologizes publicly to Pamela and her family.
(d) He tells his guests of his past treatment of Pamela, giving her all credit and accepting the discredit.

3. How are Pamela's parents treated upon Mr. B's return to Bedfordshire?
(a) He arranges a stipend for them.
(b) He toasts them and suggests to Mr. Longman that they manage his Kentish estate.
(c) He arranges a position in the church for Mr. Andrews and invites Mrs. Andrews to spend her spare time with Pamela.
(d) He arranges for them to live there.

4. In Section 14, how does Pamela respond when Lady Davers asks whether she loved Mr. B during her trials?
(a) She says she is unsure whether she did or not.
(b) She claims that she did not love him.
(c) She says she did not have the presumption to do so.
(d) She refuses to answer.

5. What event occurs at the home of Pamela and Mr. B on the morning after the confrontation between Lady Davers and Pamela?
(a) Lady Davers ignores Pamela and speaks only to Mr. B.
(b) Lady Davers appears in the room of Pamela and Mr. B and is enraged to find them together.
(c) Lady Davers leaves without any word to Pamela and Mr. B.
(d) Lady Davers has a quarrel with Mr. B.

6. After the altercation between Mr. B and Lady Davers escalates, what finally causes the reconciliation between them?
(a) Mrs. Jervis intervenes and guides and encourages Mr. B to forgive his sister.
(b) Sir Simon appeals to Lady Davers to forgive her brother.
(c) Sir Simon appeals to Mr. B to forgive his sister.
(d) As he sees the two women reconcile, Mr. B is pleased and salutes them both.

7. Why is it useful for the author to bring Pamela back to Bedfordshire after her marriage?
(a) To show Mr. B's servants how he has changed.
(b) To create contrast and irony as the change in Pamela's circumstances taking her where her troubles began.
(c) To show the Bedfordshire gentry how Pamela has prevailed over her troubles.
(d) To show the servants that she overcame her troubles.

8. What disagreement do Pamela and Mr. B have in the early stages of planning their marriage?
(a) He wants to marry privately and she wants to marry in a church.
(b) He wants a big wedding with the gentry presnt and she is too shy for this.
(c) She wants to marry privately and he wants to marry in a church.
(d) He wants to marry quickly and she wants to wait.

9. What feelings towards Pamela has Mr. B displayed after she reacts to overhearing Mrs. B and Mrs. Jeweks' conversation in Section 8?
(a) He vacillates between negative and positive feelings towards Pamela.
(b) He is angrier than ever.
(c) His hostility towards her is diminishing.
(d) He treats her badly most of the time.

10. How does Lady Davers attempt to spoil the relationship between Pamela and Mr. B after she learns of the marriage?
(a) She reveals that Mr. B already has a wife who is mentally ill.
(b) She reveals that Mr. B has illegitimate children.
(c) She reveals information about Mr. B's past exploits with several women.
(d) She reveals information about Sally Godfrey, the woman whom Mr. B ruined.

11. What is Pamela's state of mind at the end of the section in which she marries Mr. B and he displays his love and generosity?
(a) She is happy but wonders if it will last.
(b) She is very happy with nothing left to wish for except her husband's life, health, honor and happiness.
(c) She is happy but longs for her parents to be near her.
(d) She is happy but sometimes remembers her past trials.

12. When Mr. B asks Pamela what she will do if she is unable to interact with other ladies after they are married, how does Pamela respond?
(a) She says she will do accounting and cooking, play cards, read, write and remember her duty to God.
(b) She will sew, knit and cook.
(c) She will do accounting and social work.
(d) She will spend her time with the Church.

13. After returning to Mr. B at Lincolnshire, what happens when Pamela visits Mr. B at the beginning of Section 9?
(a) He is still uncertain and asks for more time.
(b) He is happy with her but asks that she does not see Mr. Williams.
(c) He is happy and asks Pamela to set the date for the marrriage.
(d) He is happy and asks for forgiveness.

14. Upon hearing that Lady Davers plans to visit, how does Pamela advise Mr. B to respond?
(a) She encourages him to seek the support of his sister.
(b) She urges him to be kind to his sister.
(c) She asks him to keep Lady Davers quiet.
(d) She warns him to keep Lady Davers away from her.

15. How does Mr. B try to convince Pamela that he will be faithful and true?
(a) He tries to fulfill her wishes, he encourages Pamela to write to her parents, he sends them a gift, and gives Pamela money to disperse amongst the servants.
(b) He gives her everything she asks for.
(c) He swears that he will always make her happy.
(d) He repeatedly promises her never to be unkind again.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Pamela and Lady Davers try to deal with Mr. B's rage?

2. As the marriage between Mr. B and Pamela looms and then becomes reality, which character continues to worry that Pamela will treat him / her badly because of past wrongs done to Pamela?

3. As Pamela returns to Bedfordhshire and assumes her new way of life, what aspects of her character are revealed?

4. What concern has brought Pamela's father to visit in Section 10?

5. During an airing in the chariot, what impresses Pamela about Mr. B?

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