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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Mr. B and Pamela become increasingly open in their discussions of their future, what does Mr. B reveal to Pamela about the sham marriage of which she read accidentally?
(a) He chastises her for believing such nonsense.
(b) He denies it completely.
(c) He claims he knew nothing of it.
(d) He admits that he considered it.

2. How does Lady Davers attempt to spoil the relationship between Pamela and Mr. B after she learns of the marriage?
(a) She reveals information about Mr. B's past exploits with several women.
(b) She reveals that Mr. B already has a wife who is mentally ill.
(c) She reveals information about Sally Godfrey, the woman whom Mr. B ruined.
(d) She reveals that Mr. B has illegitimate children.

3. How is Pamela's loyalty displayed after her marriage?
(a) Through her attitude to her parents.
(b) She asks Mr. B to reinstate Mrs. Jervis, Mr. Longman, and Mr. Jonathan.
(c) She forgives Jonathan.
(d) She forgives Mrs. Jewkes.

4. On the eve of Pamela's departure from Lincolnshire, what specific agreement is reached between Pamela and Miss Darnford?
(a) They agree to visit Lady Davers together.
(b) They agree to correspond with each other.
(c) They agree to visit each other.
(d) They agree to take holidays together.

5. How are Pamela's chastity and innocence demonstrated after her marriage?
(a) Her fear that she will not live up to Mr. B's expectations.
(b) Her fear that Mr. B will hurt her again.
(c) Her fears of the consummation of marriage on the wedding night.
(d) Her fear of Lady Davers' response.

6. When Mr. B demands Pamela's letters and she presents them to him in the garden, what information contained in her papers brings a significant response from Mr. B?
(a) He is curious that she worried when he almost drowned.
(b) He is upset that she feels so negatively towards him.
(c) He laments her contemplation of suicide.
(d) He realizes how badly he has affected her.

7. When Mr. B asks Pamela to make the final decision concerning the day for their marriage, what influences her to choose the day that she chooses?
(a) Her birthday and her parents' anniversary were on Thursday.
(b) She chooses Friday because of Mr. B's birthday.
(c) She chooses Wednesday because of her birthday.
(d) She chooses Tuesday because her parents were married on that day.

8. After Pamela brings Mr. Andrews up-to-date about the events and plans for her marriage, what does Mr. Andrews do with Pamela's letters?
(a) He retuns them so she can destroy them.
(b) He returns them to her and she gives them to Mr. B.
(c) He promises to store them safely.
(d) He promises to destroy them.

9. What condition does Mr. B impose when he tells Pamela that she can let her parents know about the marriage?
(a) They must move to his estate immediately.
(b) She must insist that they invite no relatives on their side.
(c) She must ensure that they keep it a secret.
(d) She must explain that they cannot attend.

10. After her marriage, how does the author provide humor when Pamela tries to write Mrs. Jervis about her reinstatement?
(a) He makes humorous comments about the servants.
(b) He makes humorous comments about the gentry.
(c) He refers to Mr. B making jokes with Pamela.
(d) He refers to Pamela not knowing how to sign her new name.

11. As Pamela returns to Bedfordhshire and assumes her new way of life, what aspects of her character are revealed?
(a) She is dependent on Mr. B and can only handle the situation when Mr. B is around.
(b) Resilience, adaptability and ability to rise to the occasion of her marriage.
(c) She is dependent upon Mrs. Jervis for everything.
(d) Inability to cope with her new status and to adapt to her role.

12. In the series of confrontations that occur with Lady Davers because of her reaction to Pamela's marriage, what important attitude does Mr. B display that will be necessary in a marriage to someone with Pamela's background?
(a) He does not allow his wife to get into such arguments.
(b) He protects his wife from criticism.
(c) He tries to keep the peace.
(d) He does not tolerate disrespect to his wife.

13. As the novel approaches its final stages, Pamela and Mr. B return to the estate in Bedfordshire and the reader anticipates the reaction of the servants who were previously Pamela's colleagues. How is Pamela treated by the servants?
(a) They are indifferent to her.
(b) They are hostile to her.
(c) They rejoice at seeing her.
(d) They are sullen when presented to her.

14. What example of reconciliation takes place in Section 10, following conversations between Mr. B and one of his visitors?
(a) Mr. B and Mr. Williams are reconciled.
(b) Mr. B and Mr. Andrews are reconciled.
(c) Mr. B and Pamela are reconciled.
(d) Mr. B and Mrs. Jervis are reconciled.

15. While entertaining his guests who show support for him and Pamela, how does Mr. B show his willingness to accept responsibility for his past wrongs?
(a) He acknowledges his faults.
(b) He apologizes publicly to Pamela and her family.
(c) He asks for forgiveness for his wrongs against other women.
(d) He tells his guests of his past treatment of Pamela, giving her all credit and accepting the discredit.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 14, how does Pamela respond when Lady Davers asks whether she loved Mr. B during her trials?

2. Who delivers the letter from Mr. B to Pamela while she is at the inn on her way home from Lincolnshire?

3. After the altercation between Mr. B and Lady Davers escalates, what finally causes the reconciliation between them?

4. Which of the following literary devices is used by the author when he creates a situation in which Mrs. Jewkes is to become Pamela's servant, following Mrs. Jewkes' evil treatment of Pamela?

5. In what way does the letter delivered from Mr. B to Pamela at the inn lay the foundation for the climax of the story?

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