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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pamela react after she overhears the conversation between Mrs. Jewkes and Mr. B?
(a) She storms out and goes home.
(b) She is angry with Mrs. Jewkes.
(c) She falls to her knees and thanks Mr. B.
(d) She angrily attacks Mr. B.

2. How does Pamela celebrate her marriage when she returns to Bedfordshire?
(a) She gives the servants monetary gifts.
(b) She gets involved with the church.
(c) She presents herself to the gentry.
(d) She buys new clothes.

3. Because the author treats the actual wedding in such an incidental way, this event could be described as a let-down or disappointment to readers expecting a big event. Which of the following terms would best describe such a let-down or disappointment?
(a) Falling action.
(b) Turning point.
(c) Anti-climax.
(d) Denouement.

4. After her marriage, how does the author provide humor when Pamela tries to write Mrs. Jervis about her reinstatement?
(a) He refers to Pamela not knowing how to sign her new name.
(b) He makes humorous comments about the servants.
(c) He refers to Mr. B making jokes with Pamela.
(d) He makes humorous comments about the gentry.

5. After Pamela brings Mr. Andrews up-to-date about the events and plans for her marriage, what does Mr. Andrews do with Pamela's letters?
(a) He promises to store them safely.
(b) He returns them to her and she gives them to Mr. B.
(c) He promises to destroy them.
(d) He retuns them so she can destroy them.

6. Who delivers the letter from Mr. B to Pamela while she is at the inn on her way home from Lincolnshire?
(a) Mr. B's groom.
(b) Mr. Robert.
(c) Mr. Colbrand.
(d) Mrs. Jewkes.

7. How does Mr. B occupy himself in the days after he and Pamela return to Bedfordshire?
(a) He spends long hours in the library.
(b) He resumes his wild social life.
(c) He goes hunting.
(d) He is busy with business matters.

8. In Section 10, when members of the gentry visit Mr. B and Pamela, what is their reaction to Pamela?
(a) Everyone praises her.
(b) They are cordial.
(c) They are respectful but unfriendly.
(d) They are distant.

9. What are the significant aspects of the conversations between Mr. B and the third visitor prior to the marriage between Mr. B and Pamela?
(a) He is asked to bless the new chapel.
(b) Mr. B invites him to dinner, gives permission for him to be friends with Pamela, and invites him to officiate at the chapel.
(c) He is asked to give away Pamela.
(d) He is to exonerate Mr. B for his past wrongs.

10. Following the tea at Sir Simon's what happens when Mr. B and Pamela return home?
(a) Lady Davers ignores them completely.
(b) Lady Davers is already in bed.
(c) Lady Davers is waiting to confront them.
(d) Lady Davers has already left.

11. After returning to Mr. B at Lincolnshire, what happens when Pamela visits Mr. B at the beginning of Section 9?
(a) He is still uncertain and asks for more time.
(b) He is happy and asks Pamela to set the date for the marrriage.
(c) He is happy and asks for forgiveness.
(d) He is happy with her but asks that she does not see Mr. Williams.

12. On the eve of Pamela's departure from Lincolnshire, what specific agreement is reached between Pamela and Miss Darnford?
(a) They agree to visit each other.
(b) They agree to visit Lady Davers together.
(c) They agree to correspond with each other.
(d) They agree to take holidays together.

13. How does Mr. Andrews feel after Pamela tells him all that has transpired leading to the plans for her marriage?
(a) He is still hostile to Mr. B.
(b) He is happy to be reunited with Pamela but he is eager to return to tell his wife.
(c) He is anxious about her safety.
(d) He is distressed.

14. In addition to the business arrangements made after their marriage, what other arrangements do Mr. B and Pamela discuss in order to prevent future disagreements?
(a) Routine domestic arrangements including dress and hours for eating and sleeping.
(b) Her management of the servants.
(c) Her letter-writing.
(d) Her involvement with other families.

15. How do the members of the gentry show support for the pending marriage?
(a) They ask to attend and to have a ball afterwards.
(b) They ask that the wedding be held at the church so more people can attend.
(c) They offer to prepare Pamela for her marriage.
(d) They ask the couple to join them for drinks after the ceremony.

Short Answer Questions

1. While entertaining his guests who show support for him and Pamela, how does Mr. B show his willingness to accept responsibility for his past wrongs?

2. As a result of the altercation with Lady Davers, Pamela is late to meet Mr. B at tea with Mr. Simons. How does Mr. B react when Pamela arrives late?

3. After the discussion of the incident involving Lady Davers and Pamela, how do the guests of Sir Simon pass the time?

4. Why is it useful for the author to bring Pamela back to Bedfordshire after her marriage?

5. As Pamela returns to Bedfordhshire and assumes her new way of life, what aspects of her character are revealed?

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