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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reference does Mr. B make to Mr. Williams in one of the articles contained in his proposition to Pamela?
(a) He wants Pamela to give details about all the discussions between Pamela and Mr. Williams.
(b) He wants an assurance that Mr. Williams had no encouragement from Pamela.
(c) He wants Pamela to write to the Church complaining about the actions of Mr. Williams.
(d) He wants Pamela to have no contact with Mr. Williams.

2. What explanation does Mr. B offer for not wanting Pamela to go to work for Lady Davers?
(a) She will be ruined by the nephew of Lady Danvers.
(b) She will not have as good a chance of becoming a lady.
(c) She will be seduced by older men in the neighborhood.
(d) She will not be treated as well as at his house.

3. What is the alternative title of the novel?
(a) Virtue Seduced.
(b) Virtue Tested.
(c) Or Virtue Rewarded.
(d) The Benefits of Virtue.

4. According to Pamela's father, how important is it for Pamela to maintain her virtue?
(a) He says virtue is important if she wants a good husband.
(b) He says virtue is more important than life.
(c) He says her virtue is important to her future.
(d) He says virtue is of great importance.

5. After Pamela's rejection of Mr. B's proposition, Mr B renews his attempt to take liberties with her, resulting in Pamela's fainting. What new worries face Pamela after this incident?
(a) She worries that he took advantage of her after she fainted because of his approach to her.
(b) She worries that they will never be able to speak to each other after this.
(c) She is afraid of what her parents will think.
(d) She worries that she may have given in to him after a drink.

6. What incident that occurs in Section 2, does Mr. B ask Pamela to keep a secret?
(a) His promise to keep her on as a maid.
(b) His threat to dismiss her.
(c) His attempt to kiss her.
(d) The offer of employment by Lady Danvers.

7. How does Pamela respond to Mr. B's proposition and the articles contained in it?
(a) She writes rejecting him and asking him to reconsider before ruining her.
(b) She accepts them but asks for two to be changed.
(c) She asks for time to consider.
(d) She asks to discuss the matter with her father.

8. How does Mr. B deal with the incident in which Pamela runs to her room and lies on the floor?
(a) He tells Mrs. Jervis to take Pamela to her sleep in her room.
(b) He threatens to dismiss Pamela and Mrs. Jervis.
(c) He accuses Pamela of being a liar.
(d) He summons Mrs. Jervis and accuses Pamela of sullying his reputation when his advances were only in jest.

9. What characteristic of the society is made evident in Section 3 of the novel when Mr. B terminates the employment of servants?
(a) The attitude of the lower class to the upper class.
(b) Family relationships.
(c) The relationship between men and women.
(d) The power of the rich over the poor.

10. What does Mr. B first offer Pamela in fulfillment of his mother's wishes?
(a) To pay her way home.
(b) A job in his sister's house.
(c) Four guineas.
(d) Clothes.

11. How does Lady Davers respond to Pamela when she visits?
(a) She praises her and speaks of hiring her.
(b) She mocks her simplicity.
(c) She describes her as incompetent to continue working.
(d) She warns her against trying to seduce Mr. B.

12. Why does Pamela wish that Mr. B would give her money instead of nice clothes?
(a) So she can go home.
(b) Because she wants to save for the future.
(c) So she can send money for her parents.
(d) Because she is not interested in clothes

13. According to the articles contained in Mr. B's proposition to Pamela, where will Pamela's property be located?
(a) Lincolnshire.
(b) Bedfordshire.
(c) Kent.
(d) London.

14. In Section 2, after Mr. B returns from a two week absence, of what does he accuse Pamela?
(a) Of being useless and artful.
(b) Of lying.
(c) Of stealing.
(d) Of neglecting her duties.

15. After Mr. B ignores Pamela for some time during his visit to Lincolnshire, what surprising turn of events occurs?
(a) Mr. B visits Pamela and commands her to dine with him.
(b) He asks her to be his wife.
(c) Mr. B asks her to be his mistress.
(d) He encourages her to contact Mr. Williams.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice do Pamela's parents send her in response to Mr. Williams' earlier suggestion to Pamela?

2. How does Pamela react to the attempts of the ladies to see her at the dinner party?

3. What is Pamela's response to the idea proposed by Mr. Williams?

4. As Pamela is supposedly on her way home from Mr. B's estate with the coachman, where does Mr. B arrange for them to make the first stop?

5. When given the opportunity to apologize for her insolence and continue working, what does Mrs. Jervis do?

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