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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Pamela discovers her situation with Mrs. Jewkes in Section 5, how does Pamela seek assistance from Mr. Williams?
(a) She asks Mrs. Jewkes to ask him to help her.
(b) She hides a letter to Mr. Williams asking him to help her escape.
(c) She meets Mr. Williams at the church and seeks help.
(d) She meets Mr. Williams at the post office and describes her plight.

2. About what does Mr. B write to Pamela while she is waiting to go home in Section 5?
(a) He tells her to pay attention to the guidance of Mrs. Jewkes.
(b) He writes begging Pamela to see him.
(c) He tells her to be careful of the clergyman.
(d) He tells her he is sorry for his poor behavior.

3. In Section 3 of the novel when Mr. B agrees to let Pamela go home, what is Pamela's attitude toward Mr. B?
(a) She wishes him well for his mother's sake.
(b) She hates him.
(c) She is determined to take revenge.
(d) She has mixed feelings about him.

4. Which of the following words best describe the attitude reflected in Mr. B's proposition and in the articles that he presents to Pamela?
(a) Pride, arrogance and disrespect.
(b) Humility, generosity and self-confidence.
(c) Penitence, reflection and regret.
(d) Pride, generosity and concern.

5. How does Mr. B make things worse with Pamela after his return?
(a) He kisses and gropes her.
(b) He ignores her.
(c) He beats her.
(d) He attacks her.

6. What aspect of Mr. B's character is displayed when he contacts the farmer to explain why Mr. B has sent Pamela there?
(a) He is insincere.
(b) He is dishonest.
(c) He is obstinate.
(d) He is manipulative.

7. As Mr. B makes his new approach to Pamela, what are the financial arrangements outlined in the articles of his proposition?
(a) He will give her five hundred guineas.
(b) He will pay Pamela's father a fixed sum to cover Pamela's expenses.
(c) He will pay Pamela a stipend each month.
(d) He will contribute to paying off the debts of Pamela's parents.

8. What incident that occurs in Section 2, does Mr. B ask Pamela to keep a secret?
(a) His attempt to kiss her.
(b) His promise to keep her on as a maid.
(c) His threat to dismiss her.
(d) The offer of employment by Lady Danvers.

9. According to a short narrative passage in Section 4 after Pamela is due to go home, what new betrayal has Pamela suffered?
(a) Mrs. Jewkes has been reading her letters and reporting to Mr. B.
(b) Robin has been reading her letters and reporting to Mr. B.
(c) Mrs. Jervis has been intercepting her letters for Mr. B.
(d) Jonathan the messenger who delivers her letters to her parents, is employed to Mr. B who has been reading them.

10. After the dinner party when Mr. B disguises himself, what is Mr. B's response to Mrs. Jervis?
(a) He dismisses her because she knows too much.
(b) He moves her to another estate
(c) He dismisses her because she takes Pamela's side against him.
(d) He dismisses her because she threatens to reveal his actions.

11. After Mr. Williams apologizes to Pamela for disclosing their plans, who writes to him about Mr. B's plans to visit?
(a) Lady Davers.
(b) Mrs. Jervis.
(c) John Arnold.
(d) Jonathan.

12. After failing to help Pamela escape, Mr. Williams writes to her introducing a different subject. What is the subject?
(a) He proposes a visit to the clergyman.
(b) He proposes marriage.
(c) He wants to take her out of Mr. B's reach.
(d) He proposes an appeal to Mr. B's sister, Lady Davers.

13. What advice do Pamela's parents send her in response to Mr. Williams' earlier suggestion to Pamela?
(a) They forbid her to follow his suggestion.
(b) They ask her to defer a decision on the matter.
(c) They suggest that she discuss it with Mr. B.
(d) They encourage her to accept his idea.

14. How does Lady Davers respond to Pamela when she visits?
(a) She mocks her simplicity.
(b) She praises her and speaks of hiring her.
(c) She warns her against trying to seduce Mr. B.
(d) She describes her as incompetent to continue working.

15. Faced with the realization that she is worried about Mr. B's condition, what concern does Pamela have about her response?
(a) She fears that Mr. B will use this against her.
(b) She fears that she has feelings for him.
(c) She wonders why she cannot hate him.
(d) She is annoyed with herself.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Pamela wish that Mr. B would give her money instead of nice clothes?

2. In the same letter, what other allegations does Mr. B make about Pamela?

3. In Section 4 when Mr. B writes to Mr. Andrews, what does Mr. B allege about the liberties he has taken with Pamela?

4. Pamela's worries about Mr. B's safety and about what he might have heard from Mrs. Jewkes about Pamela, suggest that she has mixed feelings about Mr. B even though he has been so brutal to her; which of the following literary devices is exemplified in this situation?

5. In the preface to the novel, what phrase is used to describe the category to which it belongs?

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