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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Section 2, what is the reaction of the other servants to Pamela's departure from Mr. B's estate?
(a) They are happy to see her go.
(b) They curse her for giving Mr. B a bad name.
(c) They mourn at her departure.
(d) They are indifferent.

2. What is Pamela's response to the idea proposed by Mr. Williams?
(a) She agrees.
(b) She dismisses it altogether.
(c) She rejects the idea unless Mr. B consents.
(d) She rejects it until she can see her parents.

3. How does Pamela respond to Mr. B's proposition and the articles contained in it?
(a) She asks for time to consider.
(b) She asks to discuss the matter with her father.
(c) She writes rejecting him and asking him to reconsider before ruining her.
(d) She accepts them but asks for two to be changed.

4. As Section 3 begins, what is the reaction of Mr. B's dinner party guests to the rumors about Pamela?
(a) They are anxious to see the young woman about whose beauty they have heard.
(b) They are anxious to see the simple servant about whom everyone is talking.
(c) They try to ridicule her for spreading rumors about Mr. B.
(d) They want to tease and embarrass her.

5. What attitude does Mr. B show towards Pamela's virtue in Section 3 as she prepares to go home?
(a) He considers it an obstacle.
(b) He respects it.
(c) He mocks it and predicts that someone will have it.
(d) He considers it insincere.

6. How does Pamela respond to her parents' advice?
(a) She promises to be careful.
(b) She agrees with their advice.
(c) She dismisses their advice.
(d) She defends Mr. B against accusations.

7. What reference does Mr. B make to Mr. Williams in one of the articles contained in his proposition to Pamela?
(a) He wants Pamela to have no contact with Mr. Williams.
(b) He wants Pamela to give details about all the discussions between Pamela and Mr. Williams.
(c) He wants an assurance that Mr. Williams had no encouragement from Pamela.
(d) He wants Pamela to write to the Church complaining about the actions of Mr. Williams.

8. What characteristic of the society is made evident in Section 3 of the novel when Mr. B terminates the employment of servants?
(a) The power of the rich over the poor.
(b) The relationship between men and women.
(c) Family relationships.
(d) The attitude of the lower class to the upper class.

9. About what does Mr. B write to Pamela while she is waiting to go home in Section 5?
(a) He tells her to be careful of the clergyman.
(b) He tells her to pay attention to the guidance of Mrs. Jewkes.
(c) He writes begging Pamela to see him.
(d) He tells her he is sorry for his poor behavior.

10. In the preface to the novel, what phrase is used to describe the category to which it belongs?
(a) Coming of age.
(b) Novel of manners.
(c) Romance.
(d) Picaresque.

11. What is the alternative title of the novel?
(a) The Benefits of Virtue.
(b) Or Virtue Rewarded.
(c) Virtue Tested.
(d) Virtue Seduced.

12. About what plan devised by Mr. B against Mr. Williams does Pamela accidentally read in a letter from Mr. B?
(a) He plans to have Mr. Williams lose his house.
(b) He plans to use his influence to have Mr. Williams dismissed from the Church.
(c) He plans to have Mr. Williams imprisoned for debt.
(d) He plans to cause Mr. Williams to be sued.

13. What is the response of Pamela's parents to her first letter?
(a) They advise her to come home.
(b) They warn her to be careful of Mr. B.
(c) They advise her to confide in Lady Davers.
(d) They advise her to confide in one of the older servants.

14. In Section 3, of what does Mr. B accuse Pamela when he sees her dressed up at the dinner party?
(a) He says she has dressed up to attract men.
(b) He says she is a hypocrite for wearing disguises to attract him while pretending to reject his advances.
(c) He says she has worn clothes without his permission.
(d) He says she has lied about where she got her clothes.

15. After failing to help Pamela escape, Mr. Williams writes to her introducing a different subject. What is the subject?
(a) He proposes marriage.
(b) He wants to take her out of Mr. B's reach.
(c) He proposes a visit to the clergyman.
(d) He proposes an appeal to Mr. B's sister, Lady Davers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Following the dinner party incidents, what does Mr. B do to Pamela?

2. After Mr. B decides to send Pamela home, what excuse does he use to delay her departure?

3. At the beginning of Section 6, what tragedy befalls Mr. Williams?

4. At the end of Section 7, it is evident that Mr. B has contradictory feelings about Pamela. How does he communicate these feelings to Pamela?

5. What is Mr. B's first response to seeing Pamela writing to her parents?

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