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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: pages 301-344.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What example of reconciliation takes place in Section 10, following conversations between Mr. B and one of his visitors?
(a) Mr. B and Pamela are reconciled.
(b) Mr. B and Mrs. Jervis are reconciled.
(c) Mr. B and Mr. Williams are reconciled.
(d) Mr. B and Mr. Andrews are reconciled.

2. After the dinner party when Mr. B disguises himself, what is Mr. B's response to Mrs. Jervis?
(a) He dismisses her because she takes Pamela's side against him.
(b) He dismisses her because she knows too much.
(c) He dismisses her because she threatens to reveal his actions.
(d) He moves her to another estate

3. Which of the following terms best describes the section of the novel that occurs when Mr. B declares his love for Pamela and his desire to marry her?
(a) Denouement.
(b) Falling action.
(c) Climax or turning point.
(d) Rising action.

4. Upon hearing the response of the gentry toward her plight, what does Pamela ask Mr. Williams to do to help her?
(a) To send her letters to her parents and pray for her.
(b) To pray for her.
(c) To appeal to Mr. B on her behalf.
(d) To send back her letters.

5. Following the dinner party incidents, what does Mr. B do to Pamela?
(a) He appears in his nightgown in Pamela's sleeping quarters.
(b) He dismisses her.
(c) He threatens to dismiss her.
(d) He chastises her for dressing up like a lady.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Pamela's loyalty displayed after her marriage?

2. What attitude does Mr. B show towards Pamela's virtue in Section 3 as she prepares to go home?

3. About what plan devised by Mr. B against Mr. Williams does Pamela accidentally read in a letter from Mr. B?

4. As the marriage between Mr. B and Pamela looms and then becomes reality, which character continues to worry that Pamela will treat him / her badly because of past wrongs done to Pamela?

5. After returning to Mr. B at Lincolnshire, what happens when Pamela visits Mr. B at the beginning of Section 9?

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