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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: pages 301-344.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who delivers the letter from Mr. B to Pamela while she is at the inn on her way home from Lincolnshire?
(a) Mr. Colbrand.
(b) Mrs. Jewkes.
(c) Mr. B's groom.
(d) Mr. Robert.

2. Throughout Section 5, when Pamela's movements are restricted and monitored, which character is Mr. B's chief ally?
(a) Mr. Williams.
(b) Mrs. Jewkes.
(c) Lady Davers.
(d) Mrs. Jervis.

3. After Mr. Williams apologizes to Pamela for disclosing their plans, who writes to him about Mr. B's plans to visit?
(a) Lady Davers.
(b) John Arnold.
(c) Mrs. Jervis.
(d) Jonathan.

4. During an airing in the chariot, what impresses Pamela about Mr. B?
(a) His provisions to take care of her parents.
(b) His discussion of English authors.
(c) His willingness to reinstate Mrs. Jervis.
(d) His attentiveness to her.

5. According to Mr. B, how would a sham marriage have worked against him?
(a) Pamela would have been miserable and his children would be illegitimate.
(b) He would have felt guilty.
(c) His friend would have revealed the whole scheme.
(d) He knew he would regret it eventually.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Section 5, in an effort to save her virtue, what does Pamela write Mr. B about?

2. What incident that occurs in Section 2, does Mr. B ask Pamela to keep a secret?

3. In Section 3 of the novel when Mr. B agrees to let Pamela go home, what is Pamela's attitude toward Mr. B?

4. How does Pamela react to the attempts of the ladies to see her at the dinner party?

5. In Section 2, after Mr. B returns from a two week absence, of what does he accuse Pamela?

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