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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: pages 301-344.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Section 7, it is evident that Mr. B has contradictory feelings about Pamela. How does he communicate these feelings to Pamela?
(a) He wants to be with her but his social status forbids this.
(b) He has already comitted to someone but he cannot do without Pamela.
(c) He cannot marry her but he loves her.
(d) He praises Pamela but confesses he cannot stand the thought of marriage nor the thought of her marrying another man.

2. Why does Pamela wish that Mr. B would give her money instead of nice clothes?
(a) So she can send money for her parents.
(b) So she can go home.
(c) Because she is not interested in clothes
(d) Because she wants to save for the future.

3. In Section 7 after his failed proposition and his failed attempt to seduce Pamela, what concessions does Mr. B make to allow Pamela more freedom?
(a) She can go home as long as she returns once per month.
(b) She can be free of Mrs. Jewkes directions.
(c) He agrees that she can contact Mr. Williams.
(d) He agrees to lessen her restraints and allow her to write to her parents as long as he can see the letters first.

4. After returning to Mr. B at Lincolnshire, what happens when Pamela visits Mr. B at the beginning of Section 9?
(a) He is happy and asks Pamela to set the date for the marrriage.
(b) He is still uncertain and asks for more time.
(c) He is happy with her but asks that she does not see Mr. Williams.
(d) He is happy and asks for forgiveness.

5. Following the dinner party incidents, what does Mr. B do to Pamela?
(a) He chastises her for dressing up like a lady.
(b) He appears in his nightgown in Pamela's sleeping quarters.
(c) He threatens to dismiss her.
(d) He dismisses her.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Pamela react to the attempts of the ladies to see her at the dinner party?

2. How does Lady Davers respond to Pamela when she visits?

3. How is Pamela treated by the person who accompanies Lady Davers?

4. When Mr. B informs Mrs. Jewkes about his imminent marriage to Pamela, what is Mrs. Jewkes' main worry?

5. How does Pamela react after she overhears the conversation between Mrs. Jewkes and Mr. B?

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