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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 4: pages 85-110.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event results in Pamela's first letter to her parents?
(a) Mr. B's gift.
(b) The death of Pamela's lady.
(c) Mr. B's advances.
(d) The loss of Pamela's job.

2. In whom does Pamela confide about the incident with Mr. B?
(a) Mrs. Jervis.
(b) Jonathan.
(c) Mrs. Jewkes.
(d) Lady Davers.

3. What incident that occurs in Section 2, does Mr. B ask Pamela to keep a secret?
(a) His attempt to kiss her.
(b) His threat to dismiss her.
(c) The offer of employment by Lady Danvers.
(d) His promise to keep her on as a maid.

4. At the end of Section 2, what is the reaction of the other servants to Pamela's departure from Mr. B's estate?
(a) They mourn at her departure.
(b) They curse her for giving Mr. B a bad name.
(c) They are indifferent.
(d) They are happy to see her go.

5. How does Mr. B make things worse with Pamela after his return?
(a) He attacks her.
(b) He kisses and gropes her.
(c) He beats her.
(d) He ignores her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reason does Mr. B give for insisting that he must find Pamela a husband?

2. After being confronted by Pamela, what does Robin do about his assistance to Mr. B and his scheme against Pamela?

3. How does Mr. B try to encourage Pamela to keep the incident a secret?

4. By the end of Section 1, it is evident that the author is making use of the epistolary style of writing. To what does this refer?

5. After Mr. B decides to send Pamela home, what excuse does he use to delay her departure?

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