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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3: pages 57-85.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Following the dinner party incidents, what does Mr. B do to Pamela?
(a) He chastises her for dressing up like a lady.
(b) He dismisses her.
(c) He appears in his nightgown in Pamela's sleeping quarters.
(d) He threatens to dismiss her.

2. What attitude does Mr. B show towards Pamela's virtue in Section 3 as she prepares to go home?
(a) He respects it.
(b) He considers it an obstacle.
(c) He considers it insincere.
(d) He mocks it and predicts that someone will have it.

3. How does Mr. B make things worse with Pamela after his return?
(a) He beats her.
(b) He attacks her.
(c) He kisses and gropes her.
(d) He ignores her.

4. When given the opportunity to apologize for her insolence and continue working, what does Mrs. Jervis do?
(a) She accepts and apologizes.
(b) She promises to think about it.
(c) She says she will return after Pamela leaves.
(d) She refuses because of Mr. B's treatment of Pamela.

5. How does Pamela react to the attempts of the ladies to see her at the dinner party?
(a) She hides in Mrs. Jervis' room.
(b) She goes out of the house.
(c) She hides in a closet.
(d) She wears a disguise.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the preface to the novel, what phrase is used to describe the category to which it belongs?

2. What reason does Mr. B give for agreeing to let Pamela go home after this incident?

3. What is the alternative title of the novel?

4. What explanation does Mr. B offer for not wanting Pamela to go to work for Lady Davers?

5. By the end of Section 1, it is evident that the author is making use of the epistolary style of writing. To what does this refer?

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