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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13: pages 344-372.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event leads Pamela to plot her own escape?
(a) Mr. B forbids Mr. Williams to help her.
(b) The death of Mr. Williams' colleague.
(c) Mr. Andrews asks Mr. Williams to stay out of the situation.
(d) Mr. Williams no longer wants to help her.

2. How does Pamela feel towards Mr. B in Section 8 after overhearing Mrs. B and Mrs. Jewkes' conversation?
(a) She wants to have nothing more to do with him.
(b) She is confused.
(c) She is too inclined in Mr. B's favor and wishes she was of the right social class for him.
(d) She doesn't trust him.

3. How does Mr. B react when he hears that the reason for Pamela's late arrival at tea is the behavior of Lady Davers?
(a) He explains to Pamela that nothing must make her late for such engagements.
(b) He sends for Lady Davers.
(c) He apologizes and becomes angry with Lady Davers.
(d) He leaves to confront Lady Davers.

4. How does Pamela react after she overhears the conversation between Mrs. Jewkes and Mr. B?
(a) She is angry with Mrs. Jewkes.
(b) She storms out and goes home.
(c) She angrily attacks Mr. B.
(d) She falls to her knees and thanks Mr. B.

5. In Section 2, after Mr. B returns from a two week absence, of what does he accuse Pamela?
(a) Of neglecting her duties.
(b) Of stealing.
(c) Of being useless and artful.
(d) Of lying.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pamela's worries about Mr. B's safety and about what he might have heard from Mrs. Jewkes about Pamela, suggest that she has mixed feelings about Mr. B even though he has been so brutal to her; which of the following literary devices is exemplified in this situation?

2. What concern has brought Pamela's father to visit in Section 10?

3. What does Mr. B communicate to the farmer about Pamela?

4. How do the members of the gentry show support for the pending marriage?

5. What event results in Pamela's first letter to her parents?

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