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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13: pages 344-372.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What condition does Mr. B impose when he tells Pamela that she can let her parents know about the marriage?
(a) She must ensure that they keep it a secret.
(b) They must move to his estate immediately.
(c) She must insist that they invite no relatives on their side.
(d) She must explain that they cannot attend.

2. What is Mr. B's first response to seeing Pamela writing to her parents?
(a) He praises her.
(b) He chastises her for neglecting the household duties.
(c) He chastises her for neglecting his mother.
(d) He calls her childish and simple.

3. What incident that occurs in Section 2, does Mr. B ask Pamela to keep a secret?
(a) His promise to keep her on as a maid.
(b) His threat to dismiss her.
(c) His attempt to kiss her.
(d) The offer of employment by Lady Danvers.

4. As Mr. B and Pamela become increasingly open in their discussions of their future, what does Mr. B reveal to Pamela about the sham marriage of which she read accidentally?
(a) He chastises her for believing such nonsense.
(b) He admits that he considered it.
(c) He denies it completely.
(d) He claims he knew nothing of it.

5. Following his marriage to Pamela, how is Mr. B's generosity revealed?
(a) Through his gift to the church.
(b) Through his gifts to Pamela, her parents and the servants.
(c) Through his gifts to the servants.
(d) Through his gifts to Pamela.

Short Answer Questions

1. What event leads Pamela to plot her own escape?

2. After Mr. B ignores Pamela for some time during his visit to Lincolnshire, what surprising turn of events occurs?

3. In addition to the business arrangements made after their marriage, what other arrangements do Mr. B and Pamela discuss in order to prevent future disagreements?

4. As Section 3 begins, what is the reaction of Mr. B's dinner party guests to the rumors about Pamela?

5. In Section 7 when Mr. B makes his surprising new approach to Pamela, how many articles does Mr. B outline to her?

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