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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13: pages 344-372.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What explanation does Mr. B offer for not wanting Pamela to go to work for Lady Davers?
(a) She will be ruined by the nephew of Lady Danvers.
(b) She will not be treated as well as at his house.
(c) She will not have as good a chance of becoming a lady.
(d) She will be seduced by older men in the neighborhood.

2. Throughout Section 5, when Pamela's movements are restricted and monitored, which character is Mr. B's chief ally?
(a) Mrs. Jervis.
(b) Lady Davers.
(c) Mrs. Jewkes.
(d) Mr. Williams.

3. How do Pamela and Lady Davers try to deal with Mr. B's rage?
(a) Both withdraw from the situation.
(b) Each one tries to explain to Mr. B that she did not mean to let the situation get out of hand.
(c) Both decide to ignore Mr. B and deal with each other.
(d) Both plead with Mr. B to forgive them.

4. What roles does Lady Davers' companion play in the confrontation with Mr. B?
(a) He apologizes upon hearing that Mr. B is really married to Pamela.
(b) He continues to attack Pamela's background.
(c) He continues to take the side of Lady Davers.
(d) He leaves because of embarrassment.

5. Upon hearing the response of the gentry toward her plight, what does Pamela ask Mr. Williams to do to help her?
(a) To send her letters to her parents and pray for her.
(b) To pray for her.
(c) To send back her letters.
(d) To appeal to Mr. B on her behalf.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 11, which character is clearly opposed to the marriage between Mrs. B and Pamela?

2. In a rare outburst, what name does Pamela call Mr. B's ally in making her life difficult?

3. Pamela's worries about Mr. B's safety and about what he might have heard from Mrs. Jewkes about Pamela, suggest that she has mixed feelings about Mr. B even though he has been so brutal to her; which of the following literary devices is exemplified in this situation?

4. In Section 4, when Pamela hears of the possibility of Mr. B visiting Lincolnshire, how does she try to end the problems between her and Mr. B?

5. Who delivers the letter from Mr. B to Pamela while she is at the inn on her way home from Lincolnshire?

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