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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 13: pages 344-372.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Section 7 after his failed proposition and his failed attempt to seduce Pamela, what concessions does Mr. B make to allow Pamela more freedom?
(a) He agrees that she can contact Mr. Williams.
(b) She can be free of Mrs. Jewkes directions.
(c) She can go home as long as she returns once per month.
(d) He agrees to lessen her restraints and allow her to write to her parents as long as he can see the letters first.

2. Which of the following terms best describes the section of the novel that occurs when Mr. B declares his love for Pamela and his desire to marry her?
(a) Rising action.
(b) Denouement.
(c) Falling action.
(d) Climax or turning point.

3. Upon hearing the response of the gentry toward her plight, what does Pamela ask Mr. Williams to do to help her?
(a) To send back her letters.
(b) To pray for her.
(c) To appeal to Mr. B on her behalf.
(d) To send her letters to her parents and pray for her.

4. What reason does Mr. B give for agreeing to let Pamela go home after this incident?
(a) He will be marrying soon.
(b) She is telling lies on him.
(c) He is tired of her hypocrisy.
(d) She is too much trouble.

5. After this incident in which the Lady Davers makes her revelation and Mr. B becomes enraged, why is Mr. B angry with Pamela as well as Lady Davers?
(a) He believes that Pamela should have stayed out of the altercation.
(b) He believes Pamela made the situation worse.
(c) He is ashamed of Pamela because what his sister is saying may be true.
(d) He believes that Pamela is stooping too much to Lady Davers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following literary devices is used by the author when he creates a situation in which Mrs. Jewkes is to become Pamela's servant, following Mrs. Jewkes' evil treatment of Pamela?

2. In Section 6, after the news of Mr. B's planned visit to Lincolnshire, Mrs. Jewkes frightens Pamela with information about a new scheme that Mr. B is supposedly planning. What is this scheme?

3. What does Mr. B first offer Pamela in fulfillment of his mother's wishes?

4. How is Pamela's loyalty displayed after her marriage?

5. Who delivers the letter from Mr. B to Pamela while she is at the inn on her way home from Lincolnshire?

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