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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5: pages 110-134.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the response of Pamela's parents to her first letter?
(a) They advise her to confide in Lady Davers.
(b) They advise her to confide in one of the older servants.
(c) They advise her to come home.
(d) They warn her to be careful of Mr. B.

2. What event results in Pamela's first letter to her parents?
(a) Mr. B's gift.
(b) Mr. B's advances.
(c) The death of Pamela's lady.
(d) The loss of Pamela's job.

3. How does Pamela respond to her parents' advice?
(a) She dismisses their advice.
(b) She promises to be careful.
(c) She defends Mr. B against accusations.
(d) She agrees with their advice.

4. Having agreed to Pamela's departure from Bedfordshire, what condition does Mr. B impose?
(a) No one must accompany her.
(b) She must be taken directly home.
(c) Her father should come to take her.
(d) Mrs. Jervis must accompany her.

5. How does Pamela react to the attempts of the ladies to see her at the dinner party?
(a) She hides in Mrs. Jervis' room.
(b) She wears a disguise.
(c) She hides in a closet.
(d) She goes out of the house.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Section 2, after Mr. B returns from a two week absence, of what does he accuse Pamela?

2. What is the alternative title of the novel?

3. After the dinner party when Mr B disguises himself and frightens Pamela, how does she react?

4. What aspect of Mr. B's character is displayed when he contacts the farmer to explain why Mr. B has sent Pamela there?

5. In whom does Pamela confide about the incident with Mr. B?

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