Objects & Places from Pamela, or, Virtue Rewarded

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Bedfordshire Estate

Pamela works at this place for Mr. B's mother and when the lady dies, Mr. B makes his first advances at Pamela here.

Lincolnshire Estate

This is where Mr. B imprisons Pamela in order to further his goal of compromising her virtue.


Pamela considers taking her life here in order to preserve her virtue.


Located along the gate at an estate, Pamela and Mr. Williams use these as a mailbox by which to carry on their secret correspondence.


Pamela uses these to communicate with her parents about her trials and happiness.


Pamela often uses this as a hiding place to escape Mr. B, Mrs. Jewkes, and even Lady Davers.

Pamela's Room

Pamela is forced to share this with Mrs. Jewkes which helps Mr. B to seduce Pamela.


Mr. B sends Mr. Williams here because Mr. B jealously suspects that the correspondence...

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