Pamela, or, Virtue Rewarded Fun Activities

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Ode to A Villain

Assume the role of Pamela while she is beginning to suffer the advances of Mr. B. Write a poem "Ode To a Villian" describing his behavior and her reaction.

Pamela - The Pictorial Novel

Pretend that you are creating a comic book derived from the novel. Draw the pictures that you would use in the comic book to represent Pamela, Mr. B, Mr. Andrews, Mrs. Jewkes and Lady Davers.

My favorite Incident

Select the incident from the novel that makes the greatest impact on you. Paint, draw or write a poem about this scene and its impact on you.

Mrs. Jervis Chastises Mr. B.

After an incident in which Mr. B makes advances to Pamela, Mrs. Jervis is sent home because Mr. B says she knows too much about him .Write a humorous story in which Mrs. Jervis teaches Mr. B a lesson for...

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