Pamela, or, Virtue Rewarded Character Descriptions

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After the lady for which this character works as a waiting maid dies, the lady's son hires her and a series of encounters begins.

Mr. B

This character displays many conflicting attitudes, but after several attempts at seduction, he is reformed and proves to be generous to everyone.

Mrs. Jervis

This character starts out as a servant but is fired after she learns too much about her boss's behavior.

Mrs. Jewkes

This character is employed by the main character and participates in the main character's scheme to keep a female character captive.

Mr. Williams

This clergyman tries to help someone escape through their secret correspondence. His motives are suspected and he is imprisoned.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrews

These characters worry constantly about dangers to their daughter's virtue and advise her that maintaining her virtue is more important than life itself.


This character used to intercept letters...

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