Pale Fire Character Descriptions

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Charles Kinbote/King Charles Xavier the Beloved of Zembla

A socially awkward professor at Wordsmith University in New Wye who lives next to, and idolizes, the poet who penned "Pale Fire".

John Shade

This renowned poet teaches at Wordsmith University, and wrote the autobiographical poem "Pale Fire," in the month prior his death in July 1959.

Sybil Shade

This person is the love interest of the author of "Pale Fire", and the only character who sees the poem prior to its completion.

Hazel Shade

This character commits suicide after being rejected by a blind date.

Jakob Gradus (a.k.a. Jack Degree, Jacques de Grey, James de

This escaped lunatic kills the author or "Pale Fire" in a case of mistaken identity.

Gerald Emerald

This character goes by a pseudonym and calls a fellow professor "the Great Beaver."

Dr. Nattochdag

This character is the head of the delusional professors...

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