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Short Answer Questions

1. Who visits Ahmad at his store at the beginning of Chapter 35?

2. Who brings to Ahmand's shop the text of a petition to seek independence in Chapter 50?

3. Who does a young theology student accuse of being a spy at prayer service?

4. How does Aisha dress when Amina, Khadija, and Kamal visit her in her new home after being married?

5. What does Ahmad invent in order not to admit that Yasin disobeys him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the nature of Iffat's visit to Ahmad's store in Chapter 60?

2. How is Yasin and Zaynab's marriage described in Chapter 46?

3. How is Amina's homecoming described after Ahmad sends her a pardon to return?

4. What does Ahmad tell Khadija just before she is married?

5. What is the nature of Fahmy and Yasin's conversation in Chapter 41?

6. How does Kamal tell Ahmad that he wants Amina back in their house?

7. How is Yasin's last meeting with his mother described?

8. What does Jalia confront Ahmad about when she joins the men's party during Aisha's marriage celebration?

9. How does Khadija react when Aisha asks her for help sewing her wedding gown?

10. How is Umm Maryam's visit to Ahmad's store described in Chapter 35?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Ahmad's dual personalities with his family and outside in public. How is the reader able to know Ahmad's true nature based on the secret fantasies he has about others in public?

Essay Topic 2

Examine the author's portrayal of domesticity in the female characters of Ahmad's household. What is telling of the changes in culture based on Amina and Khadija's differing views on domesticity?

Essay Topic 3

The concept of marriage is one subject that is discussed by numerous characters throughout the book, each with his/her own ideas of what it represents.

Part 1.) How do characters like Aisha and Khadija feel about the notion of marriage?

Part 2.) What reasons does Ahmad have for not allowing his children to be married when they wish?

Part 3.) What is telling about the nature of marriage in the book based on Yasin's experience?

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