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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is described as the more beautiful of Amina's daughters?
(a) Aisha.
(b) Khadija.
(c) Zanuba.
(d) Jalilia.

2. What is the only part of love to which Ahmad responds?
(a) Sentimentality.
(b) Domesticity.
(c) Memories.
(d) Lust.

3. Which of the following does Yasin not do to forget his mother in Chapter 13?
(a) Pines for Maryam.
(b) Gets drunk.
(c) Curses his fate.
(d) Worries about his inheritance.

4. Whose shrine does Yasin convince someone to go to in Chapter 27?
(a) Zaghul's.
(b) Muhammed's.
(c) Shakyh Mutawalli's.
(d) Al-Husayn's.

5. What handicap does Amina's mother have?
(a) She is blind.
(b) She is deaf.
(c) She can't walk.
(d) She has one arm.

6. What is the name of the gathering that all of Ahmad's family has at sunset except for him?
(a) Family time.
(b) Tea queue.
(c) Secret hour.
(d) Coffee hour.

7. What is the name of the matchmaker that visits Ahmad's store in Chapter 14?
(a) Haniya.
(b) Umm Hanafi.
(c) Umm Ali.
(d) Umm Maryam.

8. Who shares a dream about being pushed off a roof with her family?
(a) Aisha.
(b) Haniya.
(c) Zubayda.
(d) Khadija.

9. Where does pain course through Amina after she is injured leaving a mosque?
(a) Her head.
(b) Her leg.
(c) Her shoulder.
(d) Her stomach.

10. Who suggests to Amina that Aisha's engagement be allowed until Khadija is married first?
(a) Yasin.
(b) Fahmy.
(c) Jamil.
(d) Kamal.

11. Who does Ahmad insist get married first out of his children in Chapter 5?
(a) Zaynab.
(b) Jalilia.
(c) Aisha.
(d) Khadija.

12. What is Amina's husband's name?
(a) Ahmad.
(b) Yasin.
(c) Fahmy.
(d) Kamal.

13. Where does Amina go after leaving Ahmad's home?
(a) Palace Walk.
(b) Her childhood home.
(c) Ezbekiya Garden.
(d) Goldsmith's Bazaar.

14. What is the name of Zubayda's rival in her profession?
(a) Khadija.
(b) Zanuba.
(c) Haniya.
(d) Jalila.

15. What is the name of Ahmad's assistant?
(a) Haniya.
(b) Iffat.
(c) Kamal.
(d) Jamil.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the police officer Aisha likes?

2. What does Yasin reject regarding his mother's justification about her life?

3. What kind of worker was the man that wooed Yasin's mother and ruined his childhood?

4. What does Amina feel transformed into when entering a mosque?

5. What does Ahmad do to Amina after she has healed from her injury?

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