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Palace Walk / Bayn al-Qasrayn - This is a street in Cairo, Egypt, where the Abd al-Jawad family has lived for a quarter century.

Ahmad Abduh's Coffee Shop - This is an establishment that Yasin and Fahmy Abd al-Jawad both frequent, where they meet to talk, scheme, predict, and await forthcoming events.

Ezbekiya Garden - This is the entertainment district in Cairo.

Goldsmiths' Bazaar - This is an area near the Abd al-Jawads' home, where Ahmad meets a new lover.

al-Husayn Street - This is where the Shrine to the Martyr stands.

al-Khurunfush - This is where Amina's unnamed mother lives.

Khalil Agha School - This place enrolls students as young as ten and as old as fifteen to twenty.

al-Nahhasin, Coppersmith Street - This is the location of Ahmad Abd al-Jawad's medium-sized store selling coffee beans, rice, nuts, dried fruits, and soap.

New Street - This is...

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