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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-8)


Chapters 1-8

Early in the book, Ahmad's tendency for going out drinking into the late hours of the night is seen. Amina's asking for forgiveness for Ahmad's drinking and his nature to do so each night only highlight the fact that drinking plays a large role in Ahmad's household. This lesson will examine the role of drinking in the book.


1. Group Discussion: Have the class split into groups of four and discuss the role of drinking in the book. What is the nature of Ahmad's nightly drinking ritual? What is telling of Ahmad's nature based on his wife's knowledge that his activities cannot be questioned because he is a man? What can the reader learn about the social feelings towards drinking based on Amina's prayers of forgiveness in Chapter 2?

2. Class Debate: Have the class split into two groups and have each side argue whether Ahmad's...

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