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Politics in WWI Cairo

Research the nature of political events in Cairo during World War I when the story in the book took place.

Author's other genres

Research the author's different genres used in his works and write 1-2 paragraphs summarizing your findings.

The Cairo Trilogy

Research the Cairo Trilogy by the author and note the book's impact in that series.

Bring in a song

Bring in a song that reminds you of the book and write a short paragraph explaining your choice.

The title

Research the significance of the book's title in Egyptian culture, especially as it relates to the transitions faced by the characters in the book; write 1-2 paragraphs discussing your findings.

Rewrite a scene

Choose your favorite scene and rewrite it in a different tone and then write a short paragraph explaining your choices.

Nationalist revolution in 1919

Research the nationalist revolution in Egypt in...

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