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Chapters 1-8

• A woman named Amina waits every night for her husband Ahmad to come home from a night of drinking, but she cannot question him because he is a man.

• Each morning Amina and her daughters, Aisha and Khadija, will make breakfast and serve the men of the house before they leave for the day.
• Khadija is the older sister and is jealous of Aisha who is more beautiful than her.
• Ahmad goes to his store each day for work where his personality is very different from his home as he is respected around town.
• Kamal, the youngest of Ahmad's sons, avoids his father's store after he leaves school each day because he fears Ahmad's terrible temper.

Chapters 9-16

• Ahmad's family gathers for their daily coffee hour where Ahmad never joins.

• Here, the family can discuss anything on their minds because Ahmad is not there to dictate...

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