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C. Bernard Ruffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, The Miracle-Worker, Chapter 18, 'L'Americana', Chapter 19, Continued Sorrows, Chapter 20, The Imprisonment.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Don Giovanni Miscio say against Padre Pio and his ministry?
(a) He said they were robbing Padre Pio.
(b) He said they were using Padre Pio to make money.
(c) He said they were being tricked by Padre Pio.
(d) He said they were distancing themselves from the church's doctrine.

2. In Chapter 7, what did the author say he came to assume from reading the letters of Padre Pio's family?
(a) That the local church was becoming corrupt.
(b) That his sister had an out-of-wedlock pregnancy.
(c) That Padre Pio wasn't welcome in his hometown.
(d) That his brother had killed someone accidentally.

3. What did the Capuchin Order insist Padre Pio do before being accepted?
(a) Have a private education.
(b) Travel to the United States.
(c) Study world religions.
(d) Learn three languages.

4. In Chapter 5, why was Padre Pio's ordination delayed?
(a) He was out of town.
(b) He hadn't finished his requirements.
(c) His paperwork was missing.
(d) He was sick.

5. In Chapter 1, what was life like in Pietrelcina?
(a) Many people were ill.
(b) A wave of wealth passed through the town.
(c) The town had been flooding.
(d) Most of the women left.

Short Answer Questions

1. In 1923 why did the Holy Office say Padre Pio should not be a saint?

2. Why did Padre Pio question becoming a full member of Capuchin Order?

3. In Chapter 2, what problem did the author find with researching Padre Pio's childhood?

4. In Chapter 20, what did the author say made Padre Pio's life in Rome a little easier?

5. What was the first stage of Padre Pio's ministry?

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