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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Paddy feel like their da won the first fight Paddy ever listened to his parents have?
(a) His ma left.
(b) His da left.
(c) His da hit his ma.
(d) His ma cried.

2. What room in Paddy's house does Paddy question his ma about?
(a) The TV Room.
(b) The Kitchen.
(c) The Drawing Room.
(d) The Living Room.

3. Why does Paddy fear he'll have to run away from home?
(a) He gave Ian a black eye.
(b) He told Kevin a lie.
(c) He shoved Aidan in the muck.
(d) He burned Sinbad's lips.

4. Which child drowns in a pond?
(a) Keith Simpson.
(b) Kevin Conray.
(c) James O'Keefe.
(d) No one.

5. When Paddy offers Sinbad the food and Sinbad continues to ignore Paddy, what does Paddy do?
(a) Hugs Sinbad.
(b) Pushes Sinbad to the floor.
(c) Smacks Sinbad.
(d) Dead-legs Sinbad.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which student from another class does Mr. Hennessey bring into Paddy's class?

2. What does Paddy wake up to one morning that throws off his routine for the entire day?

3. What truth does Sinbad always deny, even when Paddy tells him repeatedly that it is the truth?

4. What animals does Paddy think that the Americans are fighting in Vietnam?

5. How much money does Sinbad receive on Sundays?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Paddy react to Sinbad's reaction to the food offering?

2. What crime does Sinbad commit without Paddy and what happens after Sinbad commits the crime?

3. How does Sinbad react when Paddy offers Sinbad an item of food the day Paddy falls asleep in class?

4. How does Paddy learn to ride his bike?

5. When Sinbad and Paddy are talking one night in bed, how does Sinbad respond to Paddy's claims that their parents are fighting?

6. On several occasions, Sinbad and Paddy ask their parents for a dog. Describe the conversation that finally leads them to stop asking for a dog.

7. Describe the fight between Paddy and his new classmate.

8. Using details from the text, describe Paddy and his ma's discussion about an unused room in their house.

9. What lies does Paddy tell Kevin when the two boys are talking about their parents fighting?

10. What steps does Paddy take to prevent his parents' fighting?

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