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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Paddy want to be with after he falls asleep in class?
(a) His da.
(b) Sinbad.
(c) Kevin.
(d) His ma.

2. What country does one of Paddy's uncles move to?
(a) France.
(b) Australia.
(c) Japan.
(d) Germany.

3. How does Paddy feel after he and Kevin kick Ian's dog?
(a) Happy.
(b) Worried.
(c) Sick.
(d) Excited.

4. Why does Paddy have red eyes in class?
(a) He had allergies.
(b) He rubbed his eyes until they turned red.
(c) He got poked in the eyes.
(d) He's not getting enough sleep.

5. After Paddy and Sinbad's conversation in bed one night, what name does Paddy start calling Sinbad?
(a) Fatso.
(b) Fred.
(c) Francis.
(d) Frank.

6. Where does Paddy want to runaway to?
(a) Belfast.
(b) London.
(c) Dublin.
(d) One of the Irish islands.

7. On what day of the week does Paddy's da bring home food?
(a) Thursdays.
(b) Mondays.
(c) Fridays.
(d) Wednesdays.

8. How does Paddy know that Sinbad is not sleeping one night when Paddy tries to talk to Sinbad?
(a) Sinbad responds to Paddy right away.
(b) Paddy just has a hunch that Sinbad is awake.
(c) Paddy holds Sinbad's nose until he answers.
(d) Paddy knows his breathing patterns.

9. What room in Paddy's house does Paddy question his ma about?
(a) The Drawing Room.
(b) The Living Room.
(c) The TV Room.
(d) The Kitchen.

10. What is Ian's dog's name?
(a) Ian Jr.
(b) Benson.
(c) Magic.
(d) Charlie.

11. Paddy and his friends think the rooster is what type of chicken?
(a) The eejit chicken.
(b) The bad chicken.
(c) The cool chicken.
(d) The king chicken.

12. Why can't Paddy and Sinbad have a dog?
(a) Da's asthma.
(b) Ma's asthma.
(c) Catherine's asthma.
(d) Deirdre's asthma.

13. Why couldn't Paddy hit Sinbad anymore after the food offering went awry?
(a) Paddy loved Sinbad.
(b) Paddy promised Sinbad he would not hit him anymore.
(c) Paddy didn't care.
(d) Paddy thought someone was watching.

14. What happens to Paddy when he falls asleep in school after staying up all night?
(a) He has detention.
(b) His parents are called.
(c) He is whipped.
(d) He is taken to the headmaster's office to sleep.

15. One day Paddy is playing with his cars in the hallway when he hears a distinct sound for the first time. What is the sound?
(a) A mouse in the toilet.
(b) His da smacking his ma.
(c) A car horn.
(d) Sinbad crying.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do the boys try to hurt by making a voodoo doll?

2. What word does Paddy repeat to himself over and over when his parents are fighting?

3. Why do the boys steal from Cyril the butcher?

4. What is under Paddy and Sinbad's parents' bed?

5. Who teaches Paddy to ride his bike?

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