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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the record number of pages that Paddy's ma read in one night?
(a) 42.
(b) 56.
(c) 17.
(d) 112.

2. When does Paddy's hero from his favorite story die?
(a) Palm Sunday.
(b) Good Friday.
(c) Ash Wednesday.
(d) Christmas.

3. In whose shop do Paddy and his friends show their V's?
(a) Tootie's.
(b) Patrick's.
(c) No one's.
(d) William's.

4. What is the name of the colony where Paddy's hero from his favorite story went?
(a) Molokai.
(b) Corpus Christi.
(c) Holikai.
(d) Topikai.

5. In what construction material do Paddy and his friends sometimes play?
(a) Cranes.
(b) Empty houses.
(c) Ropes.
(d) Pipes.

6. Paddy enjoys the smell of his desk at school. What does Paddy do to his desk one day?
(a) He cuts a piece off his desk.
(b) He licks it.
(c) He steals it.
(d) He carves his name in it.

7. When Paddy is swimming at the beginning of the novel, what is he stung by?
(a) A wasp.
(b) A jellyfish.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A bee.

8. How does Paddy's ma fasten Paddy's trousers when she cannot zip them?
(a) By using elastic.
(b) She uses a belt to hold the sides together.
(c) With a safety pin.
(d) By sewing the sides together.

9. Who is the main character of the novel?
(a) Paddy Clarke.
(b) James O'Keefe.
(c) Sinbad Clarke.
(d) Kevin.

10. What is one of the issues that Paddy and his da like to discuss?
(a) Paddy's friends.
(b) Nothing.
(c) Food.
(d) Politics.

11. Who is always the high priest Zentoga when the boys have a naming ritual on Fridays?
(a) Paddy.
(b) Kevin.
(c) James.
(d) Sinbad.

12. What does Paddy do after he is stung when he was swimming to get more attention from his ma?
(a) He stabs himself with a pencil.
(b) He never got stung.
(c) He burns the sting mark with a lighter.
(d) He squeezes the sting mark.

13. What prayer does Paddy state that he prefers over others?
(a) A Child's Prayer.
(b) Our Father.
(c) Hail Mary.
(d) Salutations to Mary.

14. What chore must Paddy do every Sunday before Mass?
(a) Washes the dishes.
(b) Cleans the bathroom.
(c) Polishes everything in the house.
(d) Mows the lawn.

15. Where does Paddy's da place the letter to Santa from Paddy and Sinbad?
(a) In the garbage.
(b) Nowhere.
(c) In the mail.
(d) Up the chimney.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is another issue that Paddy and his da like to discuss?

2. What does Paddy pick as his pet when he has to write about his favorite pet in a homework assignment?

3. Who is Paddy's favorite American pioneer?

4. What group of priests does Joseph join?

5. What item does Paddy's father own that is in a red box?

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