Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Using details from the text, describe how Paddy is stuck between being a child and becoming a teenager.

Paddy attempts to be an adult by doing things that he feels adults do, such as smoking. He tries to remain a child by over-exaggerating his jellyfish sting. Paddy is stuck between being a child and a teenager because there are many things that he doesn't understand; but there also several things that he has more knowledge about than he should have.

2. Describe Paddy and Sinbad's relationship using examples from the text to support your answer.

Paddy often hurts and puts down Sinbad, but Paddy also tries to protect Sinbad. Paddy hurts Sinbad by lighting Sinbad's lips on fire. Paddy puts Sinbad down by saying things such as, Sinbad's a great crier. Paddy tries to protect Sinbad from their da when Sinbad does not eat all his dinner. Paddy helps Sinbad clean his plate because Paddy is afraid of how their da will react when he returns to the table and sees that Sinbad did not eat all of his food.

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