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• Paddy, his younger brother Sinbad and their friends (Kevin, Liam, Aidan, James and Ian) enjoy making mischief in their small hometown.

• The setting is the 1960's in Barrytown, Ireland.

• At the start of the novel, the boys are at a construction site owned by the corporation stealing nails to write in wet cement.

• The boys also like to light fires, create their own adventures, and bicker/fight with each other.

• The boys also like to play Grand National where they go around their neighborhood jumping over their neighbors' hedges.
• Besides hanging out at the construction sites, the boys also hang out in a shed at school.

• Paddy tells of a time when he holds Sinbad down and forces him to put lighter fluid in his mouth.

• With a mouth full of lighter fluid, Paddy lights Sinbad's lips on fire.

• Paddy comments that it looked liked Sinbad...

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