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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which friend of her father's does Adrian admit to Dirk she has been sleeping with?
(a) CAPT Cinana.
(b) CDR Denver.
(c) LCDR Boland.
(d) ADM Sandecker.

2. What does Dirk discover attached to the handrail on the side of the ship at the battle between the <I>Martha Ann's</i> crew and the men from the sea?
(a) A ramp.
(b) A jacob's ladder.
(c) A floating line.
(d) A grappling hook.

3. How does Adrian escape when the men from the sea come ashore and kill her friend?
(a) Through a connecting bathroom.
(b) Out the window.
(c) Through a trapdoor under the bed.
(d) Through a two-way closet.

4. What is the Joint Chiefs' decision on what to do with the <I>Starbuck</I>?
(a) Mangle her so that her missiles cannot be launched and then raise her later.
(b) Leave her where she is.
(c) Cover her with motion activated sensors so they can track the activity of Delphi and his men.
(d) Return as soon as possible to restart the salvage expedition.

5. Who has been Delphi's informant in the Navy?
(a) CDR Burdette Denver.
(b) CAPT Orl Cinana.
(c) LCDR Paul Boland.
(d) Adrian Hunter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is "Big Daddy?"

2. What happens to the radio communications between Big Daddy and the Kid?

3. Who is Summer's mother?

4. What does SN Farris tell Dirk "They" will do if he uses the radio?

5. What replacement weapon does Dirk grab after having expended his single shot weapon?

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