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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Martha Ann has 20 feet of freeboard, making attack from the surface difficult according to LCDR Boland. What is freeboard?
(a) The lip of the deck that juts out over the hull.
(b) The distance from the first deck of the ship to the surface of the water.
(c) The ship's height from water surface to the top of her superstructure.
(d) The ladders over the side of her hull.

2. What is in the hypodermic syringe that Summer assaults Dirk with?
(a) Enough Thorazine to lay out a horse.
(b) Scopolamine, exactly as she said.
(c) A heavy dose of AP-23 barbituate, a knockout drug.
(d) DG-10, a deadly poison.

3. What happens to the radio communications between Big Daddy and the Kid?
(a) Delphi's transmitter intercepts the signal.
(b) Kid's radio fails.
(c) ADM Hunter makes an executive decision to maintain radio silence until the final hour.
(d) The signal is lost due to an electrical storm.

4. How long has the giant with the golden eyes been keeping tabs on Dirk's activities?
(a) Since the day he picked up the capsule.
(b) Weeks.
(c) Years.
(d) For the last twenty-four hours.

5. What is the plan for the plane the rescue team flies out to the Pacific Vortex?
(a) The team will skydive from it into the drop zone and let the plane crash wherever it lands.
(b) Ditch it in the water such that the crew manages to survive and the plane still floats.
(c) Al will drop the team and then fly in circles around the site until the pick-up signal is given.
(d) The plane is a red-herring to make Delphi think they arrived that way. The real underwater rescue team is arriving by submarine.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Roblemann invent?

2. Where is Delphi's transmitter that allows him to jam radio signals?

3. Who is Lavella?

4. What does Dirk omit from his report on the fight against Them in his hotel room?

5. What is holding the Starbuck down?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Delphi say is his main objective? What does Dirk say is Delphi's main objective?

2. Why does Dirk flood the Starbuck's torpedo compartment?

3. When Dirk discovers LCDR Boland has been stabbed with a spear, he decides the spear must come out. What is standard first aid procedure for puncture/impalement wounds and why and how does Dirk deviate from it?

4. It is evident that Seaman First Class Farris could never have been any help to Delphi's cause or mission, however, Delphi keeps him alive, in spite of admitting to Dirk that Farris is "a minor miscalculation." What might be some reasons for this?

5. In his description of the attack, Dirk notices something significant that could immeasurably assist the crew of the Martha Ann to prevent the boarding of the men from the sea. What is it and how could it be turned into an opportunity for the crew?

6. How do Summer's divided loyalties express themselves in their final moments in the doomed seamount as the missiles hit and the mountain begins to crumble?

7. How does LCDR Crowhaven get in touch with Pearl Harbor in spite of Delphi's lock on their radio transmissions? What is the code he uses to communicate with ADM Hunter over the open wires?

8. How do Dirk and LCDR Boland differ over how to wage battle against the men from the sea as they face impending attack on the Martha Ann?

9. In both Chapters 9 and 10, Dirk endeavors to get his way by assuring the Naval men that he "will take full responsibility." Why does this seem to be the easiest way for Dirk to gain their compliance?

10. What is unexpected and distinctly suspicious about the fog that suddenly overwhelms the Martha Ann? What kinds of conditions are required to create fog?

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