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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Marine guard at ADM Hunter's building on Pearl Harbor base ask Dirk for when he reports?
(a) His orders.
(b) His identification.
(c) Recommendations on a barber.
(d) His weapon.

2. What smell is associated with the attack on the Lillie Marlene?
(a) Sulfur.
(b) Melting plastic.
(c) Eucalyptus.
(d) Smoke.

3. What threat does Dirk face being left behind as as the others ride the air bubble from the Starbuck's escape hatch to the surface?
(a) One of Them coming to relieve the previous guards.
(b) Running out of air before he can reach the surface.
(c) A great white shark.
(d) A hammerhead shark.

4. What does Dirk direct should be done to the Starbuck's torpedo room as they escape?
(a) Flood it.
(b) Arm the torpedoes.
(c) Tear a hole in the hull.
(d) Drain it.

5. What is Dirk wearing when he goes to see Admiral Hunter for the first time?
(a) His military uniform.
(b) His bathing suit.
(c) His business suit.
(d) His wetsuit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is "one of the finest undercover salvage operations in the world?"

2. Roughly how large is the Martha Ann in Dirk's estimate?

3. What is Dirk's psychological assessment of sailors in relation to the intention of the staging of the Lillie Marlene?

4. The Martha Ann has 20 feet of freeboard, making attack from the surface difficult according to LCDR Boland. What is freeboard?

5. What branch of the military does Dirk belong to?

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