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The Pacific Ocean

This is the location of the Pacific Vortex and the scene for the action of the novel.

Kaena Point Beach

The novel begins here when the main character finds the canister floating in the water.

The Starbuck

This is sitting on the ocean floor with its nuclear reactors and missiles intact so the Navy either has to destroy or rescue it.

Pearl Harbor

This is the Hawaiian home base of the 101st Salvage Fleet and Admiral Leigh Hunter.

Royal Hawaiian Hotel Bar

This is the place where Dirk's initial confrontation with Summer Moran occurs.

Moana Towers Hotel - Pitt's Room

This is the scene of several important events including Dirk's enemies nearly executing him here.

The Martha Ann

This is the Navy's undercover salvage ship.

The Andrei Vyborg

This is the Russian intelligence ship that has been following Naval search and rescue efforts.

Douglas C54 Aircraft

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