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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1 introduces the main character and his motivations and personality as well as most of the main characters and the general tone of the action of the book. The objective of this lesson is to break out those key elements of description and analyze the characters that will play out the story.


1) Debate the following two statements about the main character. Use specific statements from the book to support your views.

a) Dirk Pitt is a reckless overachiever, positively arrogant in his sense of self-importance, spoiled with his father's reputation, and is just asking for trouble.

b) Dirk Pitt is an intelligent man whose curiosity rises out of a sense of boredom, confidence stems from a healthy awareness of his own abilities and is a shrewd judge of character knowing exactly how to read those anxious to impress him.

2) Discussion: Would you have read the...

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