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Min Jin Lee
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hana tell Solomon to do in Book Three, Chapter 20?

2. Why does Hana tell Solomon she will forgive him about his girlfriend in Book Three, Chapter 19?

3. In Book Three, Chapter 12, what TV show do Kyunghee, Sunja, and Yangjin watch together?

4. What does Phoebe tell Solomon when she learns about Hana in Book Three, Chapter 15?

5. Who interrupts Noa's monthly meeting with Hansu in Book Two, Chapter 18?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Sunja feel seeing Hansu in the kitchen with her in Book Three, Chapter 4?

2. What does Kuroda-san lecture about the Jewish people in Daniel Deronda that Akiko reacts against in Book Two, Chapter 15?

3. How are the women in Phoebe's family different than in Solomon's family as described in Book Three, Chapter 18? Why is this the case?

4. Why does Phoebe find it difficult to live in Japan as described in Book Three, Chapter 16?

5. Why does Solomon get fired from his job in Book Three, Chapter 19?

6. What causes Etsuko's divorce as described in Book Three, Chapter 9? How has this affected her relationship with her children?

7. What does Etsuko think about her role as a mother in Book Three, Chapter 10?

8. Why does Mozasu tell Yumi they can not move to America in Book Three, Chapter Two?

9. What case does Haruki go to investigate in Book Three, Chapter 7? What does Haruki learn when he meets the boy’s parents?

10. What does Noa's letter to Sunja and the Baek family say Book Two, Chapter Twenty after he learns Hansu is his father?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Isak tells Noa, "You are very brave, Noa. Much, much braver than me. Living every day in the presence of those who refuse to acknowledge your humanity takes great courage" (197). How do the Japanese view and treat the Koreans in the novel? How do Koreans in the novel deal with the prejudice shown to them by the Japanese? Choose at least three characters, and compare/contrast their views against one another. Develop a thesis answering the question: what allows them to carry on life in the face of discrimination and prejudice? What shapes their ability to handle what happens to them? Some examples to chose from may be Mozasu, Yoseb, Noa, Sunja, and Hansu. Explain what the characters you choose have to deal with and then show how they are or are not able to handle certain aspects of discrimination.

Essay Topic 2

Isak tells Noa on his deathbed that "Men may be unfair, but the Lord is fair. You'll see. You will" (196). Does this idea that everything is fair in the end hold true for the novel? Choose two characters and explore their actions. Is what happens to them in the novel fair? Are their actions or what happens to them counterbalanced by anything else? What definition of "fairness" does the novel show?

Essay Topic 3

Four generations of women are shown throughout Pachinko. From Yangjin, to Sunja and Kyunghee, to Yumi, Etsuko, and Ayame, and finally to Hana and Phoebe. What are liberties and abilities within each generation? How does a woman's role, or the role she can have, change over time? Choose two characters to compare and contrast how they live their lives according to the times. What historical changes allow a woman's life to be different from one generation or one experience to another? How are the choices of each character dependent or independent from the men in her life?

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