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Min Jin Lee
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Yoseb try to think about the Japanese police officer who he asks to release Isak in Book Two, Chapter 1?
(a) "That he was a terrible human being" (158).
(b) "That he was as bad as all the other Japanese" (158).
(c) "That he was just another man who was doing a job he didn't like" (158).
(d) "That he just wanted to go to the bar and drink" (158).

2. What does the the arrival of Sunja’s baby interrupt for midwife Okja in Book One, Chapter 17?
(a) Her husband's drunken rant.
(b) Her local gambling game.
(c) Her dinner.
(d) Her sleep.

3. Why does Tanaka-san say he will give Kyunghee half the meat she requested in Book One, Chapter 15?
(a) Because, "I want you to bring by some of the Seolleongtang when you are done cooking" (128).
(b) Because, "I hope one day you will become my wife” (128).
(c) Because, "a mother must eat well if she's to raise a strong worker for the Emperor" (128).
(d) Because, "I only want to sleep with you" (128).

4. What does Sunja tell Hansu when she finds out he is married in Book One, Chapter 6?
(a) "My father would have hated you" (51).
(b) "I will be your mistress" (51).
(c) "I want to get married immediately" (51).
(d) "I will never see you again" (51).

5. What does Kim say about his politics to Kyunghee in Book Two, Chapter 9?
(a) He does not want others to take over Korea.
(b) He wants Korea to be controlled by a nation that will be able to help it.
(c) He wants to become the leader of the freedom movement.
(d) He is a communist.

6. Why does Yoseb go to Nagasaki in Book Two, Chapter 7?
(a) To hunt down Hansu and kill him.
(b) To work at a steel factory.
(c) To work as an Japanese teacher.
(d) To take a long deserved vacation.

7. Why can Yoseb not leave his work when Noa tells him Isak is home in Book Two, Chapter 4?
(a) He does not want to stop working.
(b) He wants to impress his boss with his work ethic.
(c) He wants to become the head boss.
(d) He may lose his job and the character reference from his boss.

8. What does the matchmaker take as signs of the prosperity of Hoonie's family in Book One, Chapter One?
(a) Local village gossips.
(b) Food and livestock both in and outside the house.
(c) Stacks of gold coins in the corner.
(d) Lots of family heirlooms in the house.

9. What does Sunja think when she first sees Hansu again in Book One, Chapter 6?
(a) Proud that a man like him has chosen her.
(b) Excited that they will get to have sex now.
(c) Angry at him for taking so long.
(d) Disappointment that he has not brought her a bigger present.

10. What does Isak say to Yangjin when he realizes he has tuberculosis in Book One, Chapter 3?
(a) "Get me a doctor."
(b) "I will stay here till I am better."
(c) "I should leave. I do not want to endanger you."
(d) "It is probably not tuberculosis."

11. How had Sunja been proud of her father's kindness as described in Book One, Chapter 9?
(a) The way a child in a rich family would be proud of her father's bags of rice and gold rings.
(b) The way a child in a rich family would be proud of her father's enormous house and many goats.
(c) The way she is proud of the trees from springing out of the driest lands.
(d) The way a poor child might be proud of her father's thrift and innovation.

12. Why does Kyunghee think she still may be able to have children in Book One, Chapter 15?
(a) Because her doctor told her she was still fertile.
(b) Because she had a vision from God.
(c) Because Sara in the Bible had children in her old age.
(d) Because a stork settled on their doorway and laid an egg.

13. Who is Mozasu's favorite wrestler in Book Two, Chapter 11?
(a) Rikidozan.
(b) Riki Tiki Tabby.
(c) Rippadoodledoo.
(d) Rip Van Wrinkle.

14. Why can Yoseb not ask his boss, Shimamura-san, to help with Isak's imprisonment in Book Two, Chapter 1?
(a) Because he will fire Yoseb if he knows Yoseb is connected to protest activity.
(b) Because Shimamura-san is also a Christian in hiding
(c) Because Shimamura-san has never liked Isak.
(d) Because Shimamura-san is also Korean.

15. Where do the Koreans in Osaka live as described in Book One, Chapter 12?
(a) In Ikaino, the ghetto.
(b) Taisho Ward.
(c) Amagasuki.
(d) Higashi Ward.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Isak when he was growing up as described in Book One, Chapter 7?

2. What job does Kim do for Hansu when the family returns to Osaka in Book Two, Chapter 9?

3. How much does Yoseb owe the money collector in total as described in Book One, Chapter 16?

4. Why does Tamaguchi-san want the war to continue in Book Two, Chapter 7?

5. What does Goro's first clothing order for Mozasu allow Totoyama to do in Book Two, Chapter 12?

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