Pachinko Short Essay - Answer Key

Min Jin Lee
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1. How do Hoonie's parents raise him in Book One, Chapter 1? Why do they not dote on him?

Hoonie's parents raise him to take care of himself after their death in spite of his physical condition. They do not dote on him because they believe that a spoiled son will harm the family.

2. Why do the Chung brothers say that Japan will never conquer China in Book One, Chapter 2? Why do they support China?

The Chung brothers say that China cannot be eaten as a whole because it is too big and strong. They say China is their elder brother. They support Chin and want China to be strong because Korea, their nation, has failed them and been colonized for 22 years.

3. What does Isak think about when he realizes he is sick with tuberculosis at the end of Book One, Chapter 3?

When he realizes he is sick with tuberculosis, Isak curses himself for wanting to see the world outside where he was born and for thinking his illness was gone enough for him to travel. He thinks that if anyone dies, it is his fault, and so he thinks if he must die, he hopes it is quickly so no one else will die or get sick.

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