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Min Jin Lee
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book Two: Chapter 5 - 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can Yoseb not ask his boss, Shimamura-san, to help with Isak's imprisonment in Book Two, Chapter 1?
(a) Because he will fire Yoseb if he knows Yoseb is connected to protest activity.
(b) Because Shimamura-san is also a Christian in hiding
(c) Because Shimamura-san is also Korean.
(d) Because Shimamura-san has never liked Isak.

2. What does Yoseb learn when he goes to the church looking for everyone in Book Two, Chapter 1?
(a) That Sunja has run away.
(b) That Kyunghee has ran off with another man.
(c) That Isak, Pastor Yoo, and Sexton Hu were arrested.
(d) That Mozasu has been misbehaving again.

3. What does Yoseb tell Hansu he knows in Book Two, Chapter 8?
(a) That Hansu is a gangster.
(b) That Hansu is Batman.
(c) That Hansu is a British spy.
(d) That Hansu is Noa's father.

4. What does Pastor Yoo tell the sister in the dispute in Book One, Chapter 14?
(a) That her virtue is more important than sending money to her family or her brother to school.
(b) That she should go to school herself.
(c) That she should get as much money from the Japanese man as possible and give the excess to the church.
(d) That she should become a prostitute.

5. What does Yoseb tell Isak not to do to avoid trouble in the ghetto in Book One, Chapter 12?
(a) Not to make a lot of noise at night.
(b) Not to lend money to the neighbors.
(c) Not to eat too much kimchi.
(d) Not the wave to the neighbors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hansu tell Yoseb about Yoseb’s parents in Book Two, Chapter 8?

2. Why are butchers on the lower rungs of Japanese society as described in Book One, Chapter 15?

3. What does Sunja think when she first sees Hansu again in Book One, Chapter 6?

4. What does Sunja think about her children in Book Two, Chapter 4?

5. Why does Isak travel in spite of his mother and doctor not approving as described in Book One, Chapter 7?

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