Objects & Places from Pachinko

Min Jin Lee
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A small five-mile-wide islet nearby the port city of Busan, this is a place in Korea where Hoonjie's family keeps their boarding house for local fisherman.


This is a port city in Korea which is used to reach some of the surrounding islands, including Yeongdo.


This place is the capital of Korea. It is where the Baek family grows up, and where Isak travels from on his way from Osaka.


This place is the base of a Christian Korean church and a major city in Japan. It is the place that Isak travels to join his brother Yoseb with the Christian missionaries.

Taejongdae Forest

This place is a forest nearby Yeongdo that is known for the rich carpet of mushrooms available to pick. Two characters go here to pick mushrooms and sleep with one another for the first time.


This area is a...

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