Daily Lessons for Teaching Pachinko

Min Jin Lee
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Lesson 1 (from Book One: Chapter 1 - 4)


Students will analyze how time is covered by narrative in the first chapter of Pachinko. Pachinko covers four generations of a family moving between Korea and Japan and overlaps historical events over person events. By understanding and becoming aware of time sequencing in the first chapter, students will be alert to time sequencing throughout the rest of the novel.


Individual Activity: How many years are covered in the first chapter of Pachinko? Draw a timeline with the years and the events that happen each year. Have students match events that happen each year in Hoonie's family and in Japan. Write a brief paragraph explaining how larger, historical time ties into smaller events in people's lives in the novel.

Class Mapping: Count how many paragraphs are in the first chapter of Pachinko (there are 32). Draw the line on the board with 32 marks along the line. Now...

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