Pachinko Fun Activities

Min Jin Lee
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Create an Ajumma Market

The ajumma market is a central place in Yeogndo and makes up much of Sunja’s experience in Korea as well as memories that help her later in life. Split the class in half. In two turns in the classroom, have each student bring in their favorite food or ingredient and set up an ajumma market. Have each student call out advertising their products to the others students who walk past. Bring in fake currency, such as M and Ms, and have the "shoppers" haggle to get the price as low as possible. Who gets the best prices for each item? Who is the best seller for their product? Switch and let the other half of the class have a turn.

Memory Experience of the Natural World

When Hansu first walks into the Taejongdae Forest, he begins to cry remembering the woods of Jeju...

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