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Min Jin Lee
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Essay Topic 1

Sunja and Etsuko are two characters shown in the role of a mother in Pachinko. Etsuko thinks that, "being a mother was what defined her more than any other thing" (406), and for Sunja, motherhood sets in place the events of the novel with the conception of Noa. How does motherhood define each of their lives? How do these women think similarly or differently about their relationship to their children? Why do they think this way, according to the times they were raised in, and according to what their parents taught them? What purpose do they contribute to in the novel by showing different pictures of motherhood?

Essay Topic 2

In the third book of Pachinko, with the war over, Japan begins to rebuild and Western influences begin to change society. What new ideas are introduced? How does this shape what the characters think of and what they...

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